by Brianna
(West Palm Beach)

my rabbit out of no where started to make this weird like puking noise. He is drooling and I think there is snot coming out of his nose. please tell me what this is and if I can do anything!

***Karen Sez***
A couple ideas run through my head, Brianna, and none of them are very pleasant...

Heat Prostration It's the end of August in a very hot summer -- Did your rabbit get overheated? Stretched out and panting very fast during the day? If so, he might be experiencing heat prostration. You'd see moisture at the nose and around the mouth as well. If the rabbit is not too dehydrated, he may recover okay as the evening cools him down.

A second day of the same will likely kill the animal, so please check out for ways to keep your rabbit cool.

Also possible -- snuffles, also called pasteurella. This is like a permanent bronchitis that doesn't ever go away. If it's having trouble breathing and drooling, he might also have pneumonia. If so, your rabbit may not survive.

Learn more about snuffles at

If your rabbit is alive in the morning, take it to a vet for a diagnosis, and let us know how it goes, okay?

Good luck,

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Aug 27, 2011
Is your rabbit choking ?
by: Angie

Hi Brianna,

It could be that your rabbit was choking! Was it eating shortly before it all started?

The reason I say this is I have a 3 yr old doe who has done this on quite a few occasions, she dives into her food bowl (I feed pellets) and then she would have difficulty breathing and making strange noises, mucus literally pouring from nose and mouth! Very scary first time I saw this, but she has now done this a few more times but always recovered, although it scares me every time, and must be terrible for the doe, I do fear one day she won't make it, but she has always recovered on her own.

I can't be 100% sure that this is what happened to your rabbit but if it is back to normal now it could be.

Aug 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Well he was alive when I got up before I went to school. He's breathing fine again now, but my dad keeps saying he will call the vet tomorrow. Cause apparently they are closed now...

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