Feeding Your Rabbits
(With or Without Pellets)

Feeding Your Rabbits (With or Without Pellets)
is a comprehensive e-book about various ways to feed all types of rabbits. Published by us - Raising-Rabbits.com.

Feeding Your Rabbits (With or Without Pellets), a World of Raising Rabbits e-book from Raising-Rabbits

What would YOU do, if you got an email like the following one asking for rabbit feeding advice?

     “We found a pet rabbit on the road and took him home. We fed him a lot of lettuce and he ate the whole bowlful and drank lots of water. I was eating an oatmeal cookie, so I gave him some of that... 

  "The next day while I was at work he was fed some more human food, ...some noodles and some kind of nuts.

"This morning the bathroom floor was covered
with what is hard to describe - it was a
dark ooze and what looked like bloody urine. The amounts looked like too much for a rabbit his size. What should I do?” 

Oh man. We dropped everything and finished writing our e-book:

"Feeding Your Rabbits
(With or Without Pellets)"

Beet greens, a great forage for rabbitsBeet Greens: good to eat :-)

So, what do rabbits eat to stay healthy?

Not oatmeal cookies.

A rabbit's very survival might depend on what it eats
(or shouldn't eat but does).

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Contents of  
"Feeding Your Rabbits"

What to feed, and several ways to feed it is what this e-book will present, from high-quality commercial pellets to 100% natural forages, grains, and conditioning supplements. 

Rex rabbit eating hayYoung Rex rabbit eating timothy hay

Here are the e-book contents, chapter by chapter:

  • Chapter 1: A Rabbit's Nutrient Needs. This includes the nutritional needs of rabbits, and how to feed your rabbits in a healthy and balanced manner
  • Chapter 2: The Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch Feeding Program. We’ll show you exactly how we manage our feeding program at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch
  • Chapter 3: Feeding for Specific Situations. You’ll also learn how to feed rabbits in specific situations, such as overweight, old age, and rabbits with various purposes
  • Chapter 4: Feed Supplementation for Conditioning. Plus, if you have show rabbits or very old rabbits, you might appreciate knowing how to boost the rabbit’s condition
  • Chapter 5: Qualities of Excellent Rabbit Pellets. Several ways to recognize excellent quality rabbit pellets
  • Chapter 6: Mold is not good. How mold can harm rabbits, and how to store hay safely
  • Chapter 7: Cecotrophy and Herbivore Digestive ProcessesIt's important to know how rabbits obtain bacterial protein every day, and other ins and outs of their digestive system. Understanding how rabbit digestion functions will improve your ability to keep your rabbits healthy. 
  • Chapter 8: Feeding Baby Rabbit OrphansWe didn't forget the bunnies. You'll get information on how and when to feed bunnies and orphan bunnies
  • Chapter 9: Bottle Feeding and Care Instructions. We've tapped the wisdom of an expert wildlife rehabber and a respected animal milk formula manufacturer in order to bring you these expert bottle feeding instructions
  • Chapter 10: Reducing or Eliminating Pelleted Feed. You can even learn how to feed your rabbits with no rabbit pellets at all, just good healthy forages, seeds and grains. (And possibly save a lot of $$$)
Carrot greens - preferred by rabbits above carrots themselvesRabbits prefer carrot greens more than they do carrots.
This is good.
  • Chapter 11: Pet-Safe Plants and Forages. We’ll equip you with a very long list of plants that are safe for your rabbits to eat, plus a shorter list of toxic plants, and lastly, another list of plants that should be fed with care
  • Chapter 12: The Ethics of Raising and Using Rabbits. Why include ethics? So you can ignore the animal-rights noise and guilt trips. 
  • Chapter 13: References. We did a LOT of research in order to ensure that the info we present is true and accurate. (One very cool source of information for nutrient content of various forage ingredients is www.feedipedia.org.)
  • Chapter 14: Resources. You might possibly need various rabbit supplies in your quest to feed your rabbits, so we have provided links to some excellent products, in our store and at Amazon.com. At the least, it'll give you a start point in case you need one, and might save you the time of searching high and low if you like what you see.
Rabbit eats timothy hay

As with our other e-books, a portion of the contents can also be found here and there on the Raising-Rabbits website absolutely free of charge. However, in order to bring you "Feeding Your Rabbits," we enlarged upon nearly everything, and included many pages of brand-new information and researched practices, including forage feeding, an enlarged list of pet-safe plants, and much much more.

We want you to feel absolutely confident in how you feed your rabbits, whether with commercial rabbit pellets, or whether you decide to try your hand at feeding completely pellet-free (or any other combination).

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Why We Wrote
"Feeding Your Rabbits"

High protein faba beans (Diana cultivar) -
conditionally okay to feed

We wrote "Feeding Your Rabbits" to help brand new rabbit owners, for sure. But also:

We desire to help all rabbit breeders and owners feel comfortable with using feeds and/or forages to feed well and keep their rabbits healthy. 

Commercial rabbit pellets aren't all bad. But some are definitely better than others. If you own a feed mill, no worries, we named no names. We described the qualities that make an excellent pellet, so rabbit breeders and owners can recognize both the good and the questionable, and make informed choices.

Feeding fresh forages is wonderful,
but it can be tricky 
sometimes to ensure the rabbit gets enough protein in its diet, if you're also minimizing the amount of pellets that you feed. 

There are actually quite a few high-protein forages that are readily available to most breeders and rabbit owners everywhere. We did the research so you can:

  • Find those protein sources
  • Know how to denature anti-nutrients in some of those high-protein feeds (if necessary)
  • Know what other feeds and forages are safe to feed to your rabbits.

Once the rabbit breeder and owner understands how and why rabbits need to eat what they eat... 

You'll better recognize rabbit feeding myths masquerading as "common knowledge" permeating the nooks and crannies of the internet today.

"Common knowledge" might just be flat out wrong, if it comes through the several networks of animal rights (AR) organizations, whose only goal is to eliminate all human uses of animals. 

Feeding Your Rabbits

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For those who choose to feed commercial rabbit pellets, we really like the Sherwood brand of rabbit food for both adults and baby bunnies.

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