Very Cool PVC Frame for Indoor Rabbit Cages

Free plans for building this indoor rabbit hutch frame and cage

Can a frame for indoor rabbit cages, like this one, simplify your life?

Just think how quick and easy your cage-cleaning chores would be if you could remove the cage in the blink of an eye, and take it outside or to the mud room for fast and thorough cleaning! We're about to show you exactly how to build it...

This PVC frame for indoor cages is designed for use with our free, easy-to-make rabbit cage plan.  The given dimensions accommodate the very large 36 inch by 30 inch all-wire rabbit cage.  You can keep giant rabbits in it if you like. 

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If you favor smaller rabbits, such as Polish or Holland Lops, we'll show you how to change the dimensions for the indoor cage frame, and make it smaller. 

Pictured above: The finished hutch frame and cage partially set up indoors. The blue glue and black lettering on the PVC looks a bit, erm, unfinished, so we spray-painted it a bright blue.

See the set-up plans for spray-painting and for installing a drop-tarp or drop-pan under the cage.

Okay, here's the plan for a PVC frame for indoor rabbit cages

PVC frame specs for a large indoor rabbit cage

In the picture to the right, the unlabeled leg pieces (8) are each 9 inches long (1" PVC).

Materials List:

1 1/4 Inch PVC Schedule 40:

  • 7 feet of 1 1/4 inch PVC, Schedule 40
  • 1 1/4" Ell's: 4 (blue above)
  • Reducers: 1 1/4" to 1" (4)

1 Inch PVC Schedule 40:

  • 26 feet of 1-inch PVC
  • 1" Tee's: (8) (purple above)
  • 1" Ell's: (4) (brown above)
  • Caps: 4 (brown above)

Red Hot Blue Glue

1/2 inch aluminum conduit pipe: (2) 40-inch lengths

PVC frame for large indoor rabbit cages

Directions for building this indoor rabbit cage:

  • Cut PVC pipe to length, sanding ends to remove burrs:
    • 1 1/4": (2) 40" pieces
    • 1": (2) 40" pieces
    • 1": (4) 32" pieces
    • 1": (8) 9" pieces
    • 1": (4) 4" pieces
  • Glue a reducer into 1 arm of each 1 1/4" ell
  • Glue 1 1/4" ell to each end of both 1 1/4" PVC pieces, ensuring arms remain on same plane.
  • Glue 4" pieces into reducers. This completes the assembly of the two top bars.
  • Assemble the 4 side bars, by gluing the center arm of each tee to an end of each 32" piece, as shown, keeping arms on same plane.
  • To assemble the top section, glue (1) 32" assembly to each side of top bars, ensuring a 90 degree angle.
  • Glue a 9" piece into each tee.
  • Glue last two side bars to the 9" pieces.Glue the remaining (4) 9" pieces into the empty tee arms.
  • Assemble the feet by gluing a 1" ell to each end of the (2) remaining 40" pieces (1" PVC).
  • Glue the feet to the indoor PVC frame by gluing an ell to the other end of the last (4) 9" pieces.
  • You’re done... Well, you might want to sand and paint the PVC frame to match your indoor decor!

Be sure to allow a couple inches on all sides for a drop pan for cleanliness.

This frame fits one large 36 inch by 30 inch cage, or 2 smaller cages measuring 18 inch by 30 inches. 

To install the rabbit cage into the frame:
It's so easy -- lower it into the frame with the door facing toward you. While the top of the cage is still 1-2 inches above the frame, slide the 40-inch-long aluminum conduit pipes through the top of the cage wire, about 3 inches from either end, from front to back.  Let the cage drop into position, resting on the conduit pipes, which are resting on the frame.  Simple. 

Tie the cage to the frame with a length of 17 gauge steel wire.

Remove the cage the same way:
Snip the wire. Pull out the conduit pipes and lift the cage out.  That's all.

How to set up your indoor rabbit cage:
Click this link for the directions on setting up your cage so it is fully ready for your new rabbit!

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