Rabbits for Sale in Texas

Rabbits for Sale in Texas:

Find the rabbits you want to purchase or raise in your local Texas neighborhood.

Current Listings of Rabbits for Sale in Texas:

Aubrey, TX | Little Pet Palace
Breeds: Holland Lop, Mini Lop; Little Pet Palace is a well-known rabbitry in North Dallas area, focused on raising the perfect indoor Holland Lop rabbits. We have been involved with raising rabbits since 2012. We are an ARBA registered rabbitry.
Contact: thelittlepetpalace @ gmail . com | (972) 972 - 8861 | www.littlepetpalace.com

Alvarado, TX | Happy Rabbit Hobby
Breeds: Pedigree Holland Lops, Full blood Lion Heads, Harlequin Mix, Dutch Mix, Netherland Dwarf Mix, Dwarf Hotot Mix, Cinnamon Mix, New Zealand Mix, Mini Rex Mix. Different colors, some broken. Small pets mainly.
Contact: shirleybodoh @ yahoo . com

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Bedias, TX | Teep's Ranch
Breeds:  Mini Rex Rabbits. 
Contact: torrilancaster @ gmail . com | (936) 662 - 6279

Bridgeport, TX | Fort Worth's Finest Rabbitry
Breeds:  Californians, New Zealands, Satin, Mini Satin, Champagne De Argent, Mini Lop. and Rex. Proud ARBA Members since 2003. Members of many Specialty clubs. Show and purchase stock Nationally. Service 4-H AND FFA Chapters. 
Contact: philnjill @ msn . com | (817) 401 - 6755 | Facebook: Fort Worth's Finest Rabbitry

Corpus Christi, TX | Linda 
Breeds: Californian, New Zealand Rabbits
Contact: alexanderlinda9462 @ yahoo . com

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX | Rum Runner Rabbitry
Breeds: Show Flemish Giants in sandy, fawn, REW, blue and steel Harlequins in blue-japanese and black-japanese. Magpies in chocolate, black and lilac Dutch in blue, black and tort; and Holland Lops.
Contact: rumrunnerrabbitry @ gmail . com

Dayton, TX | J & S Rabbitry
Breeds: Double mane Lionheads, Mini Rex, Harlequins, Flemish Giants
Plus heritage rabbits: American Blues & Whites, and Silver Fox
Contact: justinboots46 @ yahoo . com

Duncanville, TX | Rabbit Farms
Lionhead rabbits, in a variety of colors, you may text for pictures. (See photos.)
Contact: cespal2009 @ gmail . com |
(979) 330 - 3969

Red Rex rabbit bred by Circle T Rabbitry in Flower Mound, Texas.Red Rex rabbit bred by Circle T Rabbitry in Flower Mound, Texas.

Flint, TX | Twilight Meadows
Breeds: Mini Rex, TAMUK Composite
Contact: bhkoch1992 @ yahoo . com | (903) 530 - 8549

Flower Mound, TX | Circle T Rabbitry
Breeds: Circle T Rabbitry offers show-worthy Standard Rex Rabbits in castor, broken castor, red-eyed white, and red (pictured at right.)
Contact: melnvanita @ verizon . net

Fort Worth, TX | Horseshoe Rabbitry
Breeds: Mini Rex Rabbits in several varieties

Friendswood, TX | Sugar Bunny Rabbitry
Breeds: Netherland Dwarfs, several varieties (inquire)

Frost, TX | Red Sea Ranch and Rabbitry
Breeds: Grand Champion Flemish Giants, show quality Holland Lops, pet quality pure Lionheads, and pet mixes like Mini Lops and Lion Lops.
Contact: https://redsearanchandrabbitry.com/ | Facebook: Read Sea Ranch | Instagram: Red_Sea_Ranch_and_Rabbitry | +1 - (903) 519 - 0848.

Dee's Californians in Hillsboro, Texas.Dee's Californians in Hillsboro, Texas.

Hillsboro, TX | Dee Ehlinger
Breeds: California Whites; young rabbits available, parents are FFA show winners.  Three young bucks born 7/10/2020 and two young does born 7/14/2020.
Contact: dee.ehlinger @ gmail . com |  (254) 205 - 9540

Huntsville, TX | Heaton Rabbitry
Breeds: Top quality Californian rabbit meat pens for Texas shows.
No order is too large or too small. We give help all the way through the project. We also give free clinics on raising rabbits if your group would like some help with their projects. Come see us on our website.

Livingston, TX | Crystal Creek Rabbits
Breeds: Californian rabbits, New Zealands, Mini Rex, Flemish Giant

Leonard, TX | Quietcreek Farm
Breeds: Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, and occasionally fuzzy lops and woolie Netherlands. Pet and show quality available. Ages vary but we don't sell young babies. Email for current list of available rabbits.
Contact: Quietcreek.wixsite.com/quietcreek | Quietcreek @ yahoo . com | (972) 658 - 4673 You are welcome to contact me by phone but text is preferred.

Magnolia, TX | Posh Bunnies Rabbitry
Breeds: Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch Rabbits. All of our bunnies are purebred, healthy and highly socialized!
Contact: theposhbunnyburrow.com | bunniesaremagnificent @ gmail . com | (346) 818 - 4007

Montgomery, TX | R&M Funny Farm
Breeds: Standard Rex, Californian, Standard Rex Mix, Californian Mix
Contact: funnyfarmrm @ gmail . com | (936) 333 - 9700

Nevada, TX: Lizś Lops and Angoras
Breeds: French Angoras, Holland Lops, and Lilacs. All rabbits come pedigreed and show quality. Prices are $85 - $250, discounted if there are disqualifications or are unshowable. 
Contact: lizslopsandangoras @ gmail . com | (469) 531 - 2417

Seymour, TX: Barbie's Bunnies
Breeds: Pure Californian Rabbits
Contact: Barbie or Katrina at (940) 867 -8588, or (940) 889 - 2628

Terrell, TX | Double T Rabbitry
Breeds: New Zealand White rabbits - Pedigreed, meat pens, show and breeding stock
Contact: jrgillis @ netscape.com

Vernon, TX | CMS Rabbits
Breeds: Californians, New Zealand Whites, New Zealand Blacks. Show and Meat Pen Quality
Contact: michael.schoppa @ outlook . com | +1 (940) 886 - 8118

Whitney, TX | Diamond Oaks Rabbitry
Breeds: Californians, Holland Lops for pet, show, brood
Contact: shelby.riney @ windstream . net | +1 (254) 495 - 2153 

Willis, TX | AA Rabbitry
Breeds: Californians


  • If you don't find rabbits for sale in Texas in your area, please go to Rabbits for Sale for more suggestions on finding your choice of rabbit locally. Or, check out our Rabbit Classifieds page for temporary rabbit listings.

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Buyer Beware

Rabbit raisers are a very good bunch, most of the time. We've heard of no problems with any rabbitries we've listed, but just the same, we ask that the buyer beware.

We have not visited the rabbitries listed. Do your research, keep your eyes open, and get yourself healthy rabbits:

  • Ask if the breeder has had problems with buck teeth. Look in the rabbit's mouth - the top rabbit teeth should overlap the bottom teeth.
  • Ask if any genetic problems lurk in the herd. Buying meat rabbits? Ask about yellow fat. Certain breeds and lines within breeds have have their own various genetic problems - ask.
  • Listen inside the rabbitry - If you hear *any* sneezing or see *any* white snot, you may wish to leave without rabbits. Snotty mats on forearms means a sick rabbit - don't buy. A damp nose (except on very hot days) might (but doesn't always) mean trouble - be cautious.

  • Turn the rabbit (or bunny) over to ensure the bottom is clean (no diarrhea). (Remnants of a  mild bunny diarrhea between 4 - 9 weeks old that has passed is not a problem.)

  • Buy at your own risk, and let us know of any problems. Thanks!

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