Rabbits for Sale in IL

Rabbits for Sale in IL (Illinois):
Find the rabbits you want to raise in your local Illinois neighborhood.

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Rabbits for Sale in IL-Illinois 

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Atkinson, IL
JK Rabbitry
Suitable for pets, many colors, bred specifically for personality.
Email: jacob.king357 @ gmail . com

De Kalb IL
Ritchie's Dutch Rabbitry

Breeds: Dutch - black, blue and chocolate. We occasionally have other color varieties available.
More detail: We are a small rabbitry currently and don't always have rabbits for sale. Please call or email to see what we have available.
Email: Eebaxter @ mail. com
Phone: (779) 212 - 9329

Decatur, IL
Rabbits Decatur IL
 Californian and New Zealand Rabbits
More detail: White, black, gold-tipped steel, meat and pet rabbits for sale year-round. For photos see our Facebook page.
Phone: (217) 519 - 8607
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rabbits.decatur.IL/

Hennepin, IL
Double G Rabbitry

Breeds: Palomino
More detail: :: Small scale father-daughter rabbitry offering show quality and pet Palaomino rabbits. We would love to hear from you.
Phone: (815) 481 - 7483

Lake County, IL
J Rabbitry
 Standard Rex, New Zealands, and occasionally Mini Rex
More detail: We are located near the Wisconsin border.
Email: lazyhaleyjrabbitry @ comcast . net

Rockford, IL
Bunny Barn Beauty, Lucky Charms Rabbits, Sharon's Rabbits
Point of Contact:
Phone: (708) 800 - 2418
Email: calvert.alexander @ outlook. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Havana Rabbit, American Rabbit, English Spot Rabbit, Holland Lop, Mini Lop
More Detail: I have an 8 year daughter and we're a first time parents of rabbit(s).     

Union, IL
Susan's Rabbits

Breeds: Satins and all varieties of New Zealand.
More detail: We most generally have animals for sale. We also raise Satins. The varieties we have are Siamese, Broken Black and Black.
Contact: schmidtsiamese @ gmail . com
6/17/2021 (Updated)

Worden, IL
Open Doors Heritage Farm
Point of Contact: Paul
Phone: ( 618) 402 - 5924
Email: opendoorshf @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Lionhead, Californian, New Zealand
More Detail:Varity of colors produced. Rabbits are used to being held and handled regularly so have good temperament. They are very friendly and calm rabbits that are very friendly   
31May2022 (Updated 16May2023)


  • If you don't find a listing in your area, please go to Rabbits for Sale for more suggestions on finding your choice of rabbit locally. Or, check out our Rabbit Classifieds page for temporary rabbit listings.
Rex doe by her nest box.Rex doe by her nest box.

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Buyer Beware

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

Rabbit raisers are a very good bunch, most of the time. We've heard of no problems with any rabbitries we've listed, but just the same, we ask that the buyer beware.

We have not visited the rabbitries listed. Do your research, keep your eyes open, and get yourself healthy rabbits:

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Keep Your Rabbits Healthy E-book

(Pictured: Keep Your Rabbits Healthy, our ebook on keeping bunny happy and healthy.

  • Ask if the breeder has had problems with buck teeth. Look in the rabbit's mouth - the top rabbit teeth should overlap the bottom teeth.
  • Ask if any genetic problems lurk in the herd. Buying meat rabbits? Ask about yellow fat. Certain breeds and lines within breeds have have their own various genetic problems - ask.
  • Listen inside the rabbitry - If you hear *any* sneezing or see *any* white snot, you may wish to leave without rabbits. Snotty mats on forearms means a sick rabbit - don't buy. A damp nose (except on very hot days) might (but doesn't always) mean trouble - be cautious.
  • Turn the rabbit (or bunny) over to ensure the bottom is clean (no diarrhea). (Remnants of a  mild bunny diarrhea between 4 - 9 weeks old that has passed is not a problem.)
  • Buy at your own risk, and let us know of any problems. Thanks!

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