Rabbit Hutch Plans:
How to Assemble PVC Rabbit Hutch Frame and Cages

You finished building the PVC rabbit hutch plans
. Now you can hang 4 to 8 wire rabbit cages on the large outdoor rabbit hutch frame. If you like, you can also set up an automatic water system.

For help building and setting up these PVC Hutch Plans:
Go to Rabbit Hutch Building Plans

Click here for traditional wooden hutch plans

Pet rabbit owners: Build and set up smaller cages and PVC frames suitable for one or two pet rabbits: Build Your Own Rabbit Cage

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The PVC rabbit hutch framework is large, measuring 7+ feet long and nearly 3 feet deep. It will accept 30 inch deep cages with about an inch to spare. 

It has two sectioned tiers. Each section is approximately 42 inches wide. This will accommodate up to 40 inches of cage width per section. (Any wider, and the fit will be too snug - you’d have to fight to get the cages in and out.)

The rabbit hutch plans allow for cage arrangement options!

  • 4 cages: each 36 inches by 30 inches, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom.  These cages would house breeding does, growing bunnies/fryers

  • 6 cages: 4 cages on the top tier, each 20 inches by 30 inches, plus 2 36 x 30 cages on the bottom.  This set up would house 2 breeding does on the bottom, a couple bucks on top, plus a couple extra 20 x 30 cages for replacement does or bucks

  • If you raise dwarf rabbits, your options grow, as smaller rabbits require less cage space.
Rabbit hutch plans - large pvc rabbit hutch frame with cages hung

If you’re raising meat rabbits for your family’s consumption, one or two of these rabbit hutch frames with the rabbit hutch plans all set up might be the only hutches and cages you’ll need. 

Why are these PVC Rabbit Hutch Plans so Awesome?

Why? Because the PVC rabbit hutch is fairly light-weight, yet durable and nearly indestructible.  Placed under a canopy or barn out of direct sunlight, it will last for many years. It makes your cleaning chores brief and easy, and keeps your rabbits healthy and away from their droppings.

The cages install and dismantle in moments. What a time-saver!  No back-breaking scrubbing of wooden hutch bottoms that reek of urine.  Just snip the one twist-tie, pull out the two pipes the cage rests on, and the rabbit cage drops into your arms.  Now you can:

  • Hose it off in the lawn
  • Scrape any remaining hair or organic debris with a wire brush
  • Use a pressure-sprayer to disinfect with a 1:10 bleach solution (strong)
  • Let it sit for an hour
  • Rinse off and reinstall

Cages and PVC rabbit hutch frame pulled outside and dismantled for cleaning.

You can even remove all the cages and haul the whole PVC hutch frame outside for cleaning.  Because, after a while, it may need it.  (You don't need bleach for the PVC hutch.) Because you can use a hose, your cleaning chores are done in no time, and your rabbits will stay healthier.

These white PVC rabbit hutch frames with cages that are easy-on-easy-off make our job so much easier, even fun!

Edstrom - Gravity-Fed Auto-Watering System

Installing the Rabbit Cages

Rabbit Hutch Plans - Cages and PVC outdoor rabbit hutch all assembled

The full instructions for hanging the cages on the PVC rabbit hutch frame can be purchased through the links at the top of this page. 

In a nutshell:

  • Thread lengths of 1/2" aluminum conduit pipes (or other type of small diameter pole) through the cage, thereby suspending the cage on the PVC hutch frame.

  • Secure the cages to the PVC with lengths of wire. 17 gauge electric fencing wire works well.

  • Use corrugated plastic roofing panels cut to size as dropping pans between the two tiers of cages. 

  • Complete the whole set up with galvanized metal rabbit pellet feeders, and an automatic water system or crocks.   

  • You can get quite high-tech with some auto-water systems--auto-fill and auto-shut-off, medication ports, heater cables, etc.  Our system is simple.  It uses gravity to deliver the water to the rabbits, and a hose to refill manually.  We don’t use heating cables, and we don’t medicate our rabbits. 

    You can, of course, use watering crocks in place of an automatic water system.
Close up of rabbit hutch plans - a cage suspended on a PVC rabbit hutch frame.So easy to remove cages: just snip the wire tie and slide out the poles.

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