Rabbit Market in Uganda

Rabbits for sale in UgandaBuy or sell rabbits in Uganda.

Rabbit Market in Uganda: Find rabbits for sale and rabbit breeders in your local area in Uganda that raise your chosen rabbit breeds. 

Rabbit Market in Uganda: Current Listings of Rabbit Farmers and Rabbits for Sale in Uganda

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Budo, Nakasozi
Beco Rabbits Limited

Breeds: New Zealand White, Chinchilla and Californian White
Phone/Whatsapp: 0704462392
Email: becouganda @ gmail. com

Bugiri, Nabyunu
Cosmas Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
Bwire Nathan Cosmas
Email: costhannamas @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Mixed
More Detail: I sell rabbits and rabbit urine.             

Entebbe, Uganda 
Jack Nkemba Kizza

Breeds: Many rabbits available. 
More detail: Currently with stock of 75 rabbits, both old and young. I am located 18kms (Kitende) along Entebbe road. 
Phone/Whatsapp: 0782 862209 
Email: kiznkemba @ gmail. com

Kajjansi, Uganda 
Duo Backyard Rabbitry
 New Zealand White and black, Cinnamon and European rabbits.
More detail: Be assured of healthy rabbits. Located 100 meters from Step One Junior School.
Phone: +256781935944 or +256741966731
Email: lucasyung50 @ gmail. com
4/26/2022 (Updated 8/24/2022)

Kakiri Uganda, Wakiso
Kiwa and Son Rabbit Farming Enterprise
Point of Contact:
Email: abdushakurkasimbi @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand White, Flemish Giant.
More Detail: And hybrid of the two mentioned above.             

M&J Rabbitry

Breeds: New Zealand white, Angora breed and mixed breeds
Email: joashmicah @ gmail. com
Phone: 0770545002

Family Business Ltd

Breeds: New Zealand, Angora, Flemish Giant
Email: aaronelotu @ gmail. com
Phone: 0788968966 or 0704605145

New Zealand White

Breeds: New Zealand.
Email: nnharwabya @ gmail. com
Phone: 0756379330 or 0774590096

Kampala Urban Rabbit Farm

Breeds: Rabbits on sale for both meat and breeding.
Email: sornidtrading @ gmail. com
Phone: +256700512706 whatsapp, or call +258784141222
11/22/2021 (Updated 5/3/2022)

Chinchilla and mixed breed

Breeds: Chinchilla and mixed breed
Email: markonikoenoeno @ gmail. com
Phone: +256704847771 and +256778551488

Kigozi Rabbits Farm

Email: ncdaniel @ gmail. com
Phone: 0708447162

Kampala, Gayaza
Daneze Rabbitry

Breeds: For local well fed rabbits for meat and breeding. They breed well,  weighing and 100% fed on natural feeds.
Email: danielntege056 @ gmail. com
Phone: 0708447162

Kaytee Pine Shavings

PDNET Animal-Poultry Farm Gayaza
Point of Contact: Samuel
Phone: +256752652866
Email: kulesam1978 @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand, Californian.

Kampala, Uganda
Point of Contact: Muhereza Onesmus
muherezaonesmusplus @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: I have a rabbit farm of more than 200 rabbits.

Smark Investments
Point of Contact:
Email: abelmbonye @ gmail. com

Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand White, Chinchilla, and Californian.
More Detail: Stock of 100.

Kampala, Kawempe
Kiyini family rabbit farm
Point of Contact:
Phone: 0774881567
Email: mathiusrodney @ gmail. com

Kampala, Gazaya
Makumbi's Rabbits
Point of Contact:
Email: bayigah62 @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Local and french breed 8 month, 4 month, 3 month

Kampala, Luwero
Urban Rabbits
Point of Contact:
Email: mrsmutumehanisha @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand White, Checkered Giant, California giant, and many more.
More Detail: We are selling to breeders and also we have those for meat. We have rabbit urine well packed and rabbit waste. It acts as manure to farmers. Come and support us! Thanks.

Kampala, Ntindaa
Joyce's Rabbits
Point of Contact:
Email: joycenansubuga396 @ gmail. com
Details: I have large rabbits in number which can make a constant supply of a large company. They are of high quality with each weighing 3 to 4 kgs.             

Good Time Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
Email: peace.love4hm @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: White New Zealand, CalifornianChinchilla
More Detail: Our rabbits are reared mainly for meat purposes since they are fed 80% on pure green vegetables so they are purely nutritious but also for other purposes from their byproducts; like skin/fur, pet, urine and droplets. NB: A project supporting vulnerable marginalized youth in Uganda.

Kitintale, Kampala
Tim's Rabbits
Point of Contact:
Wamala Timothy Baker
+256701801651 or +256392962213
Email: twamalabaker @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: I have Rabbits for sale, I have locals, cross breads, New Zealand and other types. Both old ang young ones.
More Detail: They weight from 3kgs to 4kgs. Exotic and locals.

Kampala, Nakawa
Hope Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
Phone: 0709855090

Email: ronniewabwire21 @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Flemish Giant, New Zealand White, New Zealand Chinchilla, Dutch, standard Chinchilla.
1/9/2023 (Updated 1/20/2023)      

Kampala, Kampala
Blessed Rabbit Farm
Point of Contact:
0759957919 or 0777951325
Email: ayebaledn @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: I keep all breeds of rabbits ranging from local to exotic breeds like New Zealand white, Californian, Flemish Giant, Dutch, among others.
More Detail: I sell rabbits and rabbit products ranging from meat, to droppings and urine.

Kampala, Masindi District
Madi Farm Rabbits Masindi
Point of Contact:
Email: jrymandela2 @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand White, Chinchilla.
More Detail: We sell rabbits for meat and breeding.

Kampala, Mityana
Nkata Mixed Farm
Point of Contact:
Nkata Herbert
Phone: +256704536751
Email: nkatulammons @ yahoo. co. uk
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand White, Californian, Chinchilla (brown, grey, black), Flemish Giant, Checkered, DutchBeveren.
More Detail: Hello, I am Nkata Herbert, owner of Nkata Mixed Farm. We do rabbitry as our major livestock animal business. We started in 2022.

Washirika Farmers Company Limited
Point of Contact: Musondibwa
Email: washirikafarmers2019 @ gmail. com
WhatsApp: +256705341158
Breed/Color/Age/Size: The available rabbits both for meat and pets include, New Zealand white and black, Chinchilla and the Dutch rabbits.

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Kirinya Kito
Vinerth Rabbits
Point of Contact:
Email: davislg @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Both local and exotic.
More Detail: Our rabbits are treated with the most professional care with monthly deworming and vaccinations. So our customers need not worry about the health of our product. As for the prices, they are negotiable; we offer customer discounts. ;)  We can't wait to hear from you. 

Kiryandongo District, Kigumba
Shabbs Rabbit Farm
Point of Contact:
Email: wairashaban2021 @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Local breeds.
More Detail: I am selling rabbits. Come and please visit us, or make an order. I will send to you.

Lugazi, Lugazi
Henry Rabbitry Farm
Point of Contact: Henry
Email: mulondohenry22 @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Chinkira, Californian white
More Detail: Located along Buikwe Kiyindi Road after Buikwe District. 

Magere, Wakiso
Donald's Rabbits
Point of Contact: Donald
Phone: 0709092092
Email: taremwadonald @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand White and Chinchilla.
More Detail: Rabbits for meat and rearing. Rabbit urine available.

Masaka, Buganda
Bugabira Rabbit Farm
Point of Contact: Bill Bruno
Email: ssenkooleb @ outlook. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Mixed breeds.
More Detail: We sell rabbits for meat and breeding.

Mugs Rabbit Farm
Point of Contact:
Email: umgaina @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Crossbreed for meat

Masindi, Masindi
Family Rabbit Business
Point of Contact:
Email: Bigarthur50 @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Many
11/28/2022 (Updated 1/31/2023)                 

Mbarara, Kampala
Big Rabbitary
Point of Contact: 
Email: billsjr.ug @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand white, Angora

Sam's Rabbits
New Zealand White, Ugandan.
More detail: My rabbits are so special because I feed them 80% on natural plants.
Email: mpyangusamuelbaker @ gmail. com
Phone: My whatsapp contact is +256775775556.

ICE Center-ACTS International
New Zealand White, Chinchilla
More detail: We sell rabbits for meat and breeding. 
Email: afriteams @ yahoo. co. uk

Mityana, Nalutuntu
Kulabako Rabbit Farm

Breeds: New Zealand white, Chinchilla, Dutch, local breeds.
More detail: We also sell rabbit urine and droppings. 
Email:  Kiwanukagrace138 @ gmail. com
Phone: +0750357909

Sungura Farms

Breeds: New Zealand white, Chinchilla, Californian white.
Email:  morgannasur @ gmail. com
4/8/2022 (Updated 1/17/2023)

Mukono, Mukono
Amedeo Nnamasumbi Rabbitry Farm
Point of Contact:
Email: kiggalaju @ yahoo. co. uk
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Chinchilla, New Zealand

Nakasongola, Migyera Town Council
Rabbiton Mixed Farm International
rabbitonfarm @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: We have rabbits for sale

Soroti City, Teso Region
Milla and Family Rabbit Farm Ngora
Point of Contact:
Email: millabebeug @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand White, Californian White, Chinchilla.
More Detail: We sell rabbits for meat and breeding at affordable prices. Just contact us, we do business.

Global Hand Initiative Rabbit Farm

Breeds: Mixed Breed
More detail: This farm project works to help and support young people to raise their income. 
Email: odoiwaka @ gmail. com
Phone: +256703612404

Wakiso, Matugga
The Tumushabe Rabbit Farm LTD
Point of Contact: Taremwa
Email: raykhardtaremwa @ gmail. com
Phone: 0751565684
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Chinchilla, New Zealand, Californian

Wakiso, Nansana
Clish Rabbitry

Breeds: New Zealand White, Chinchilla and Californian White
More detail: We sell rabbits for meat and breeding.    
Email: tumuhairwew @ gmail. com
Phone: +256703816703

Pauline's Rabbits
Point of Contact:
Email: paulinenabatanzi @ gmail. com
More Detail: 50 rabbits available.

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Rabbit Market in Uganda:
Buyer Must Always Beware

Rabbit raisers are a very good bunch, most of the time. We've heard of no problems with any rabbitries we've listed of the rabbit market in Uganda, but just the same, we ask that the buyer beware.

We have not visited the rabbitries listed. Do your research, keep your eyes open, and get yourself healthy rabbits:

Cutest Holland Lop Rabbit Ever!Cutest Holland Lop Rabbit Ever!
  • Ask if the breeder has had problems with buck teeth. Look in the rabbit's mouth - the top rabbit teeth should overlap the bottom teeth.
  • Ask if any genetic problems lurk in the herd. Buying meat rabbits? Ask about yellow fat. Certain breeds and lines within breeds have have their own various genetic problems - ask.
  • Listen inside the rabbitry - If you hear *any* sneezing or see *any* white snot, you may wish to leave without rabbits. Snotty mats on forearms, wet or dry, means a sick rabbit - don't buy. A damp nose (except on very hot days) might (but doesn't always) mean trouble - be cautious.
  • Turn the rabbit (or bunny) over to ensure the bottom is clean (no diarrhea). (Remnants of a  mild bunny diarrhea between 4 - 9 weeks old that has passed is not a problem.)
  • Buy from the rabbit market in Uganda at your own risk, and let us know of any problems. Thanks!

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