Rabbits for Sale in CA

Rabbits for Sale in CA - California: 
Find the rabbits you want to purchase or raise in your local California neighborhood.

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Rabbits for Sale in CA - California

Alpine, CA
Alpine Rabbitry and More.
Point of Contact:
Phone: (619) 517 - 0530
Email: murray.amber327 @ gmail. com
Website: https://www.alpinerabbitryandmore.com/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alpinerabbitryandmore
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands (Red, white, chinchilla, Agouti). 
More Detail: We also have guinea pigs and Sulcata tortoises in addition to our rabbits for sale in CA.

Anaheim, CA 

Breeds: Holland Lops, purebred.
More detail: Super sweet, purebred Holland Lops. Great companions to train and provide so much joy to your family. Starting their litter box training. Text for more info/availability. Mature/spayed rabbits are sometimes available.
Email: bugsardo @ sbcglobal. net
Phone:  (714) 809 - 1966
Instagram: @awwsocalbunnies
5/26/2021 (Updated)

Anaheim Hills, CA 
Breeds: Dwarf bunnies
Email: Leoncio81 @ yahoo. com
Phone: (949) 266 - 7554
(Pictured: Dwarf baby bunnies)

Atwater, CA 
Ursula Garcia
 Rex, Californian, Mini Holland Lops.
More detail: We have a few moms and try to offset. We have at least 1 litter a month.
Email: urslove66 @ yahoo. com
Phone: (661) 564 - 2848

Bakersfield, CA
Eden Rabbitree
 Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Velveteen Lops
Website: Edenrabbitree.com 
Email: Emilylanora @ yahoo . com 
Phone: (661) 332 - 5253

Benicia, CA
MacBean Rabbitry
 Californian, New Zealands. Young juniors, bucks, does, bred does.
More Detail: We get 2 litters every other full moon.
Email: claudiaclaverie @ gmail . com
Phone: (707) 704 - 7221
12/23/2020 (Updated 8/14/2023)

Brea, CA
Nutwoods Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(714) 713 - 3488
Email: sr6att @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs
More Detail: We specialize in the Dwarf breeds of Lops/Netherlands. Our rabbits are potty trained, amazing with kids (used in art therapy classes), highly intelligent and sweet. If this listing is up we have babies currently! Give it a go and text us! We have been breeding for over 11 years and are confident we can match you with the right bunny. We deeply care about where are babies go, and raised them with lots of love.              

Citrus Heights, CA
Lindquester Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(916) 752 - 9215
Email: whydonttheywrite @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand
More Detail: We are a small family backyard rabbitry located in Citrus Heights, California just off Old Auburn Road. Our children (along with their friends) handle the kits quite often and so our bunnies are all well socialized and with a great demeanor. They will adjust nicely and are easy to tame. Our rabbits are always well cared for and we take pride in producing a top-quality animal. We specialize in New Zealand rabbits and sell for the purposes of breeding stock, meat and fur production, dog training, as well as pets. Please contact us (email/text are preferred) with what you are looking for and we will of course respond right away with the availability. As we are a small family rabbitry there is no minimum request.              

Corona, CA 
Hoppy Days Rabbitry
 Rex, Mini Rex, Velveteen Lops, Holland Lops.
More detail: We are an ARBA registered rabbitry in southern California   We breed Rex that are show quality and nationally competitive. We have small programs of the other 3 breeds, but our main focus is our Rex. Our most common colors are black, blue, broken, otter and white but we specialize in Blue and Lilac. We pride ourselves for having great fur, fast growth and sweet temperaments. We always have rabbits available from pets to homestead breeding rabbits to show rabbits. Check out our website, Facebook or Instagram for lots of cute pictures and to learn more about our rabbits for sale in CA!
Email: btennant2016 @ gmail. com
Phone: (909) 644 - 5023
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hoppydaysrabbitry/
Website: Hoppy Days Rabbitry 
Facebook: Facebook

Steven's Family Homestead in Crestline, CA.

Crestline, CA 
Stevens Family Homestead
 Rex/Californian Mixes
Contact: stevensfamilyhomestead @ gmail. com

Hoppy Hacienda

Creston, CA
Hoppy Hacienda Rabbitry
 Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Californian,
More detail: Show quality and pets.
Email: susanwhedbee @ att . net
Phone: (805) 459 - 8163
5/26/21 (Updated)

Escondido, CA 
The Mini Farm 100

Breeds: Holland Lops  
More details: We raise purebred Holland lops in Escondido. We have been raising Holland lops since 2016. Check out our rabbitry and for more information on our Instagram at "theminifarm100."
theminifarm100 @ gmail. com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theminifarm100/
Phone: (760) 715 - 0887

Lake Elsinore, CA
Brace's Exotics
Rex Rabbits, ARBA-registered. Our most common colors are black, blue, broken, otter and white but we also have tri and tort.
More detail: Our goal is to produce interesting, unique coat colors while working towards the standard of perfection. Rabbits available from pets to homestead breeding rabbits to show rabbits. Check out our Facebook or Instagram for lots of pictures and to learn more about our rabbits for sale in CA and other animals we breed.
Email: jeremebrace @ yahoo. com 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bracesexotics/
Facebook: Facebook - Brace's Exotics 
Phone: (951) 237 - 4301

Lancaster, CA
Dandelion Rabbitry

Breeds: Lionheads
More detail: All of our rabbits for sale in CA are double maned and come with a pedigree.
Email: dandelionrabbitry @ outlook. com

Ramona, CA
MoonBri Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(619) 633 - 8155
Email: moon.bri57 @ yahoo . com 
Website: https://www.moonbrirabbitry.com/             
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoonBriRabbitry
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Rex, Tri-colored and Harlequin. Lionheads.
More Detail: We are a small ARBA registered rabbitry in SoCal specializing in Rex. Our goal is to work towards the ARBA Standard of Perfection (SOP) while producing beautiful color. Main project: Tri-colored & Harlequin. We breed for heat tolerance, fast growth rate, and sweet temperaments. Rex are one of the best multi-purpose rabbit breeds to own. They make excellent pets due to their friendly, laid back dispositions. Their fur is best described as plush velvet, similar to sheared mink fur. They can reach weights between 8 and 11 pounds making them great meat producers. 
2/1/2021 (Updated 5/20/2022)  

Holland Lop bunny from Redhill Rabbitry in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Redhill Rabbitry

Breeds: Holland Lops and Lionheads.
More Detail: We are Holland Lop breeders/enthusiasts focusing on health, structure, and temperament. We have bred and shown rabbits off and on since 1996. In addition to being an experienced breeder we have also worked with some of the top veterinarians in Southern California.
Email: mybunnyrabbits @ outlook . com 
Text: (840) 999 - 6039,  10a-8p
Instagram: @Sunnysocalbunnies
Website: Redhill Rabbitry

San Bernadina, CA
Ruiz Rabbitry

Breeds: Holland Lops.
Email: Selfreliantarts @ gmail. com
Phone: (909) 303 - 0773

San Diego, CA 
The Bunny Smith

Breeds: Holland Lops.
More detail: Our rabbits are well handled from birth, have sweet dispositions, and are not prone to scratching or biting. We have many different fur colors available.
Email: christophersrabbits @ gmail . com
Phone: (619) 693 - 8415
Website: The Bunny Smith
Facebook: The Bunny Smith on Facebook 
Instagram: The Bunny Smith on Instagram

San Luis Obispo, CA
Squire Rabbits

Breeds: Silver Fox, Giant Chinchilla
Email: horvathpaula @ gmail. com
Phone: (760) 271 - 2041
Website:  https://www.gatheringskills.org/squirerabbits

Santa Ana, CA
Precious Bunny Buns

Breeds: Purebred New Zealands, Californian, Lionhead Dwarf
More detail: Small family homestead. All bunnies are cared for and loved. We enjoy making families happy with a hoppy bunny addition. Please follow us on IG or FB, and DM for any pictures or questions about our rabbits for sale in CA.
Email: precious.bunnybuns @ gmail. com
Facebook: SoCal Precious Bunny Buns Rabbitry
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/precious.bunnybuns/

Santa Cruz, CA
Backyard Barnyard

Breeds: Californian, New Zealands and Cali/NZ mixes.
More detail: Fryers, roasters, and breeding stock rabbits for sale in CA.
Email: april.golston @ gmail. com

Santa Rosa, CA 
Bunny Ranch Rabbitry

Breeds: Mini Rex
Contact: audgee1999 @ gmail. com
Phone: (530) 497 - 4418

Santa Rosa, CA 
Bunny Lovin Ranch
Point of Contact:
(805) 300 - 6907
Email: gennamarieallen @ gmail. com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bunny_lovin_ranch/

Netherland Dwarf from Designer Dwarfs in Santa Rosa, CA.

Santa Rosa, CA
Designer Dwarfs Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(707) 530 - 9413
Email: DesignerDwarfs @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Show Quality Netherland Dwarfs. Specializing in quality rabbits with great conformation, fur, color, and disposition
More Detail: Perfect Show Rabbits / Pet / 4-H Project / Breeding Stock Addition. Great body, fur, depth, ears and disposition. Estimated at 2 pounds fully grown. Our sweet bunnies are handled since birth and are incredibly docile and friendly. Excellent examples of the ND breed. Please email for fastest response.        

Spring Valley/San Diego, CA 
Fancy Free Rabbitry

Breeds: Mini Rex
Email: fancyfreerabbitry @ yahoo. com
Phone: (619) 277 - 3912
Website: https://fancyfreeranchette.com/

Tollhouse, CA
Anthem Farm
Point of Contact:
(559) 377 - 9207
Email: Mtb-reception@outlook.com             
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083015538194 
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealands (Blues and Reds)
More Detail: We are a small rabbitry, new Member of ARBA and looking to enter the show scene soon.              

Vacaville, CA
Point of Contact: Kiearra
Phone: (415) 335 - 6481
Email: Royallbunns @ gmail. com 
Website: https://royallbunns.weebly.com/
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Lionhead teddy bear, dwarf, beautiful baby, die, broken black.
More detail: Welcome to Royallbunns. We raise the best quality, most sought after beautiful indoor and outdoor tiny baby bunnies. We are located in the sunny state of Northern California. We are in between the best of both worlds, Sacramento and San Francisco. Our teddy bear (double mane) Lion head bunnies are very beautiful and well cared for from the day they are born in our home. If you are looking for a sweet companion pet, then you have found the right source. Our bunnies are cuddly, healthy, potty trained, used to pets and children of various ages. Please email to reserve our babies.

Watsonville, CA 
Rancho Madonna

Breeds: Rex: Amber, Black, Blue, Californian, Castor, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Ermine, Fawn, Lilac, Lilac Agouti (Lynx), Magpie, Martins, Opal, all Otters, Red, Sallander, Seal, Squirrel, Tort, REW, and broken varieties.
More detail: We will email you our rabbit care sheet when you contact us, as well as our safe pick-up protocol.
Email: mountmadonnarex @ baymoon . com

Yucaipa, CA 
Tiff and Tom's Rabbitry
 Holland Lops, Lionheads.
Email: Tiffandtomsrabbitry @ gmail. com
Website: https://www.tiffandtomsrabbitry.com/

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Cutest Holland Lop Rabbit Ever!Cutest Holland Lop Rabbit Ever!
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