Rabbits should NOT be farmed!

Rabbits should not be farmed? This is a profanity-bleeped conversation – one opinion and several rebuttals stating that rabbits are prey for all predators, including humans.

“I don't have 
the ego to suggest I am not a 
part of Nature”

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That statement was made by "Jon" to "Penny," a visitor to Raising-Rabbits. Penny had stumbled across the part of our website where we demonstrate for rabbit farmers the methods of killing and butchering livestock rabbits for the family dinner table.

Um, she was not happy.

Due to the language I could not clear her comments for public reading on the Raising-Rabbits website. But because of the courteous and able responses of the guys named “Jon” and “Joe” (all names changed) who knew Penny, we wanted to publish most of the thread here (profanity edited, of course). 

“**** **** ****!! Rabbits should NOT be farmed and slaughtered at a precious young age for food or anything else, humane or not! Rabbits are peaceful animals and should be loved as a pet or LEFT alone in the wild. I hope you **********ers get a broomstick to the neck you ****ing murderers!”

This New Zealand White kit will probably become a market fryer.This New Zealand White kit is a meat rabbit, scheduled to go to market by age 8-9 weeks

I disagree. My grandfather farmed rabbits for a living. Do you eat ANY form of meat? Cause if you do you are a hypocrite. It's called the circle of life. If you agree with it or not, it happens and not all people are sick ****s and deserve a broomstick in the neck and are not murderers. If you are going to have an attitude like that you have a lot of people to be calling murderers. So with the statement you made I sure as **** hope you are a vegetarian!!!

“I spend a lot of my time searching for animal, mainly rabbit exploitation sites and try to report them or do something about it, I was searching a site on rabbit care (this site does offer rabbit care) then I found this sick s***, instructing ppl on how to kill them. No, I don’t eat much meat anymore at all, if anything chicken once in a while and even that bothers me, which I find more justifiable then rabbit meat.

“Sorry if I offended you but that’s simply my opinion on it, hate me if you want. Well I guess there are lots of murderers then and if they wanna hate me bring it. I’m entitled to my opinions about animal farming. Rabbits should not be farmed. They are only farming them and reproducing life on a mass scale only to end it on a mass scale.”


“I'm sorry Penny, rabbits are peaceful because they ARE meant to be food. That's why wolves don't eat fox etc. Mother nature/100,000s of years of evolution designed these creatures to be eaten by carnivorous and omnivorous creatures.

“You can like domestic rabbits all you want, they are fun pets and you don't have to eat them but they are fodder in the animal kingdom.”

“So let nature take its course, leave them in the ****ing wild...don’t create life just to take it away. This is why I stopped eating meat.”

I don't have the ego to suggest I am not a part of nature.

“But unrelated, are you supplementing your protein? Eggs? Fish? Tofu?”

“Yes I do supplement, but animal protein is over rated. So is dairy. Plenty of other **** to eat besides RABBITS.

“Insensitive people always make me feel like s*** for voicing my opinion. Again, we’re not talking about 'survival' we're talking about mass farming and mass food production, most of which gets wasted. Go watch Food Inc.”

“But it just seems like a matter of 'I think they’re cute' as a reason to not eat them.”

That was the end of the 'rabbits should not be farmed' thread.

It has to be hard if one does not understand the dynamics of the relationship between predator and prey, and can’t accept the fact that humans are (undeniably)
apex predators - just as much a part of nature as every other predator.

Other than that, I have no idea why chicken cacciatore should be more justifiable than rabbit cacciatore… Would you happen to know?

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