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Rabbit Care:
Rabbit Raising (A - Z)

This area of the Raising-Rabbits website serves all rabbit breeders: Show Rabbits, pet rabbits, and to a large extent, livestock Rabbits.

Most of the time, raising rabbits involves similar animal husbandry practices independent of the purposes those rabbits serve, whether meat, fur, fiber (wool), or pet. 

Livestock Rabbits:
Homestead and Small-Scale-
Commercial Rabbit Farming

Livestock rabbit farming, especially if a commercial enterprise, requires greater attention to detail. Various breeding, feeding, and lighting practices are optimized to help stabilize general and wintertime production. As always, animal welfare is paramount.

  • Put lapin on the family table
  • Feed a species-appropriate raw prey diet to the family dogs and cats
  • Gain full or part-time employment from your rabbit-raising passion and expertise, both in the USA and in developing countries.
  • Meat, fur, and fiber are common rabbit products, as are garden fertilizer, worms, and breeding stock

Home of the PVC Hutch-Cage Combo

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Indoor hutch and wire cage combo. Easy to keep clean and easy to enjoy your rabbit!Indoor hutch and wire cage combo. Easy to keep clean and easy to enjoy your rabbit!
Outdoor show or livestock rabbit hutch and wire cage combo. This hutch is moved under cover before the rabbits move in.Outdoor show or livestock rabbit hutch and wire cage combo. This hutch is moved under cover before the rabbits move in.

Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbits can be a perfect solution for animal-loving but busy urban dwellers. They sleep while you're at work or school, and are active during your breakfast and suppertime. 

With 48 breeds of domestic rabbits available in the USA alone, the choices are nearly endless.

Rabbit Products and Supplies


Raising Rabbits Gets Compliments...

From Jeni in the UK:
"I just would like to say that this website is AMAZING! I am a veterinary nurse with 15 years experience and have just started to breed my rabbits. I have learnt sooo much from all the info here....there is so much stuff I didn't know...." 

From Cheryl in Florida:
"Your website has been my Bunny Bible...."

From Christine in Texas:
"Best rabbit website anywhere on the net! ...Thank you!"

From Amy in Utah:
"Thank you so much for a fantastic website! This is by far the most helpful and friendliest rabbit website I've ever seen."

More of your kind words here - thank you!

A very happy rabbit owner

The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes and supports the many purposes of rabbits, including meat, show, wool, fur and pet ownership. 

Rabbits have a way of hopping into your heart and putting a grin on your face.

So ...

Stroll around our site! Take your time, enjoy our rabbit photos and absorb all the information on raising rabbits. If you have trouble finding the info you need, use the search box, or visit the Site Map, where you’ll find links to every page.

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Here’s hoping your nest boxes are always full of show-stoppers.

God bless you!

Below: Broken Opal Rex Rabbit and 3 week old litter ... that little fawn young'n? He grew up a bit, and won his new young owner a Youth Best-In-Show!

More recently, the fawn youngster is all grown up. He won Best of Breed TWICE at the Evergreen Rabbit Breeders Association double show on February 25, 2012. Congrats to the winner!

Broken opal rex rabbit and her 3-week-old litter
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