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Rabbit Associations

American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) Logo


The American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA) is the national club for breeders of both rabbits and cavies (guinea pigs) in the United States.

Anyone can join for a modest fee.  You'll get a wonderful and extensive Guidebook for raising rabbits and cavies.  This single book is worth its weight in gold.  If you decide you’d like to get a second rabbit and start breeding or showing, joining the ARBA allows you to register your rabbits, get championship certificates and accrue championship points.  They also offer a Membership directory whereby you can find other rabbit breeders in your area.

British Rabbit Council Official Website

The British Rabbit Council - Official Website of the British Rabbit Council, whose mission is:

"To protect, further and co-ordinate the interests of all British rabbit breeders; to assist and extend the exhibition rabbits, to influence, advise and co-operate with central and local authorities, departments, education and other committees and schools in promoting the extension of the breeding of rabbits, and to promote and encourage education and research of a scientific and/or practical nature for the welfare and benefit of the rabbit."

New Zealand Rabbit Council

Rabbit Council of NZ (Inc) - New Zealand Rabbit Council

The Rabbit Council of New Zealand provides a comprehensive website about Rabbit related issues and events within New Zealand and overseas.

Australian National Rabbit Council Inc.

Australian National Rabbit Council Inc.

"An Australian Rabbit Club for Australian Rabbit Owners. The Australian National Rabbit Council Inc is established in order to coordinate and promote Rabbit Clubs and interest groups throughout Australia."

More Resources


Raising Rabbits in the Pacific Northwest offers "Basic rabbitry management for home or commercial meat production." The information includes additional guidance for larger-scale rabbit production.


Chances are, any of these equipment companies will carry what you need, from ready-made cages and cage-building tools, crocks, water bottles, and more.  They offer free catalogs.  Each of these companies also has a website which you can explore at length and order from:

Bass Equipment: www.bassequipment.com

KW Cages: www.kwcages.com

Klubertanz Equipment Company: www.klubertanz.com


Spalding Labs - Fly Control

Go to our FLY PREDATORS page for more info

Rabbit Supplies, Resources,Gifts and More

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