To Neuter?

by Kallyn
(New Zealand)

My rabbit has unexpectedly given birth (we were told they were both boys). They're bonded and I don't want to keep them apart for longer than necessary. I want to get him neutered ASAP but I'm unsure how the doe might react in regards to her babies when we bring him home. I've heard they can un-bond due to their scent being different and she may see him as a predator and harm her kits out of fear.

I know she hasn't become re-impregnated as they were separated once we saw her pulling fur. Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. :)

***** Karen Sez *****

IF your two rabbits were together at the time the doe gave birth, then your female MIGHT be both nursing AND pregnant. You'll know for sure in around 3.5 weeks.

At this point you need to do what you need to do, and leave the bonding speculations for another day. The buck needs to be neutered if you want to keep them together without producing offspring. Once altered, keep them separated for a full 6 weeks. (It takes that long for their bodies to clear out the sperm that is in the the parts of the reproductive tract that are not removed by castration.)

Perhaps you can house the buck near the doe, where she can continue to smell his scent so the familiarity will remain.

Let us know how it goes - your experiences may help others in your same situation. (Simply come back to this page and leave a comment.)

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