Surprising Rabbit Kindling News!

by Amanda
(Tyler, TX)

My doe gave birth on the 36th day, and we never even suspected that she was pregnant.

You see, we bought two "girls" at a pet store. Now, we have three rabbits.

And, just to rub it in my face, I think my doe is pregnant yet again. She's begun building her nest. I'm not sure when they will be arriving or whether they will at all. I know there are false pregnancies, and I've heard that the rabbit's womb can come out from pressure. Is this true?!

***** Karen Sez *****
LOL, yes, there are false pregnancies, which happens when the doe's body is tricked into ovulating but without the presence of sperm.

And, a rabbit's womb CAN come out from pressure. But this is so rare as to never be a worry. Until it happens, of course. But it won't.

If the "doe" and the doe were together when you found the surprise bunnies, then it is very likely that the pregnancy is a real one, because the buck will re-breed the doe just as soon as she has kindled, if given half a chance.

So, provide a nest box and nesting materials asap, because if this IS a real pregnancy and she's pulling fur and carrying hay, she may be quite close to delivery time.

You'll find loads more info at the following links:

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Enjoy your rabbits! :-)

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