Mini lop first time birth

by Alexis July
(San Antonio, Texas, U.S.)

On the first of January my mini lop had seven babies and one dead one that was eaten half way. We didn't know that she was pregnant and there was a lot of blood and gooey stuff in the bottom of her cage. She didn't have a nesting box.

We found three alive ones a few feet away from her cage (I don't know how they got there) and four more on the wire of her cage there was also a very small ball of fur inside her cage, so we tried to warm them up by putting all of the alive babies together in a cloth with the mother. She is a white and blueish grey mini lop and she's never been bred before.

My mother called some rabbit breeders and they told us to bring the babies to them so that they could give them to a new mother but on the car ride there all six of them died so when we got to the farm they put them on a heating pad but they were already dead. The breeders told us that we should give her a shot or breed her again in a couple of days so that's what we did on the 2nd or 3rd.

She started pulling out more hair even though the babies were gone. We bred her with the buck and today she just slept a lot so I think that she's pregnant because we let them run around the yard with each other and the male mated with her way more than once until the doe didn't let him anymore.

I'm 12 years old

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Dec 17, 2020
Will My Rabbits Be Good Parents?
by: Rabbit Queen

I thought that was very sad. I myself have a mini lop mixed with a rex she is only 2 months so I don't plan on breeding her till she's 6-7 months old but, do you think she would be a good mom. I don't want her to eat her babies. We also have a Holland Lop - he seems to really like her. Do you think he will be a good dad? How long do we keep them?

***** Karen Sez *****

Does don't usually just flip out and eat their offspring for no reason, thankfully. There are instincts and reasons behind their behavior.

I can't tell you if she'll be a good mom, and I also have no idea if your Holland Lop will be a good dad. They both will be good IF they inherited good genetics for parenting. You'll learn whether or not they did by giving them a crack at parenthood.

Here are more resources that can answer your questions:
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Aug 13, 2012
Mini breeder
by: Yup

I am a breeder. I have had a bunny that did that, due to that it was her first set it normal. But her second set all lived. She was a Mini Rex. Now I have lost a Holland lop due to birth. She had 3 strokes in 8 hours. Some can't breed over 3 years old. Hope I helped.

I am also 12.

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