Concerned about a Possible Rabbit Pregnancy

by Cheyenne
(New York USA )

I have a French angora buck who is 1 year, a mini Rex cross who is about 6 months old also a buck and a mini Rex cross also 6 months who turns out to be a doe.

They were all in the same pen and I noticed that the males were trying to breed her.

I almost immediately separated her from the boys but I am concerned that she may be pregnant because this may not be the first time as they have been in the same cage since I got the mini rexes.

This is my first experience with rabbit breeding and pregnancy and I don't want to try and feel for the babies and hurt her or them although she has become a little aggressive and fearful. I don't know how else to tell because it is her first litter if she is pregnant and I don't know much about how many kits she'll have and if it will be noticeable in weight gain.

Should I put in a nesting box on day 28 even if I'm not sure still?

***** Karen Sez *****
Yep, put in a nesting box. But, don't wait till day 28 because besides not being sure if she's pregnant, you're also not sure when the boys started attempting to breed with her.

So: Count forward 28 days from when you first put the animals together, and put in the nest. If that day has come and gone, then put in the nest now.

Since no one knows the correct dates, it might be a full 31 more days before the rabbit has babies (I'll bet she's pregnant), but you don't want to miss the date and have dead babies scattered everywhere, right? So put the nestbox in, and do your best to keep it clean until she kindles, or until 35 days come and go without babies.

It also sounds like you could use some rabbit resources, just in case. We recommend ours (of course):

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver (softback book)

Rabbit Reproduction (instant download e-book)

Click here for a list of all our educational resources

Good luck with everything.

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