Can't get near my doe to check if she's pregnant

by Gemma

Hi - pretty sure my doe is pregnant as she grunts at me when I try and go anywhere near her but I wanted to get her out to double check today and she tried to bite me. I have no idea when she got pregnant as I never saw her or my buck ever do it properly (he was always at the wrong end or she'd brush him off very quickly). Do does get especially grumpy at a certain stage?

***Karen Sez***
Yeah, I'd say she's probably pregnant. Doesn't take very long for bucks to figure out if it ain't this end, must be the other one...

Now that your doe is cranky, you'll have to wake up her fear reflex by approaching her high like a hawk, and swooping in onto her head and neck firmly and quickly. Chances are she'll crouch and freeze, allowing you to grip her. You can speak calmly to her, reminding her that you're the Big Bunny, and she still has to cooperate. Once you've got her, she'll likely be civil, even if she makes little growly sounds.

Pregnant does are usually quite grouchy until a few days after the kits are born. She'll cheer up and be quite proud of her family, once she knows they are safe and in good hands.

Good luck!

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Mar 14, 2016
Responding to Karen Sez
by: Destiny

I said the exact same thing. This assistant said she had "experience," with rabbits. Apparently not enough to put a doe and buck together, knowing that they'd obviously mate. I also had another question. My doe keeps trying to escape her cage, she's been doing this ever since I brought her home after mating. She was never like that before, is this because of the pregnancy or am I doing something wrong?

***** Karen Sez *****
You're not doing anything wrong. Your doe is feeling the maternal drive. She's anxious to get her nest built. So, think about giving her her nest materials early, like on day 21.

Once she gets her nest all decked out to her liking, I think she'll probably settle down and be all chill. (Certain of my own does occasionally got this way. Giving the nestbox early settled them down nicely.)

Is her current cage/hutch big enough for the rabbit, nestbox, and living space? Maybe graduate her to a larger cage temporarily, if you need to. You're doing fine!

Mar 14, 2016
Mini Rex Doe
by: Destiny

Hi, I have a Mini Rex doe. I was showing the rabbit to kids k-6th grade, and one of the assistants put a buck Japanese Harlequin into the cage with my broken chocolate mini rex. This was on February 26, she explained that they mated about 14 times and the last two times he fell to the side. When I brought her home she was really grumpy. It's now day 17 and she didn't let me palpate her between days 10-14. How will I know if she's pregnant?

***** Karen Sez *****

She's pregnant. Good for keeping track of the days. So, nest in on day 28, and expect babies 3 days later. (Someone needs some edumacation about respecting others' rabbits, if this was an outcome you were NOT intending...)

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Aug 24, 2011
RE Can't get near my doe to check if she's pregnant
by: Silver Desert Rabbitry

Yes, does can get to be big grumpy pants when they are pregnant. I raise New Zealands and whenever I am expecting a litter my does get grumpier than a mama bear with cubs. So, don't be surprised if she tries to tear your hand off. Make sure to keep track of the days and around the 27th day put a nest box in with her.

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