Can two female rabbits have kits together?

by (: Naureen :)
(: Sydney :)

I have two does, or at least that is what the pet store AND vet told us, although one of my bunnies sprayed me and they have not been neutered. I have read that this means that the rabbit doing this is a male. However, both my rabbits are showing signs of pregnancy, making a nest, pulling fur, digging at the floor of the cage etc.

So long story short, my question is:
"Is it possible that two does can have kits together?"

If it is possible, how can I be certain that it is a real pregnancy or a fake pregnancy? :)

***** Karen Sez *****

No, not possible for two female rabbits to have babies together. Sex the Rabbits yourself so you can be sure.

So, let's consider the options:

If they are both females, then you may have two dominant animals riding each other and triggering false pregnancies in both animals. More info at these links:

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver
Rabbit Reproduction E-Book

It is not always easy to tell a false pregnancy from a real one. However, false pregnancies tend to end abruptly before 3 weeks have passed. In your case, however, you don't have a starting point to count from. In this case, you'll just have to let time reveal the truth to you.

Perhaps one is a male? If so, it is curious that he would be doing any nest-building? But, one male with one female means you may indeed have babies on the way. See the links above for more resources!

Let us know how this story turns out, okay? :-)

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