2 Girl Rabbits... But now One is a Boy (Surprise)

by Taylor M
(Washington state)

So I got two Netherland Dwarfs from a pet store.

They told me they were sisters but recently the bigger girl (Ana) began mounting and humping the smaller girl (Elsa).

Elsa never tried to get away from Ana and I assumed that she was asserting dominance.

I had read online that sometimes female rabbits will mount others when they are becoming sexually mature. I just began separating them and Ana would try a few more times and then stop.

Both are not 13 weeks old!!!

Today Elsa began making noises like squeaking, honking and growling. I ran over to see what was going on and Ana was jumping Elsa.

I separated them and Elsa continued to make noises anytime Ana or I got close to her. This made me concerned and I decided to check to make sure Ana's lady parts were in fact, LADY PARTS. To my horrified surprise Ana has testicles.

I feel as if my little bunny world has flipped within a matter of minutes.

Is it possible my once female (but I guess never was) rabbit has now impregnated her/his sister? I don't even know what to call Ana now that he's a boy!

Anytime I get close to Elsa she begins growling at me which is new. She's never been very friendly towards me. Any way my baby is pregnant?

I'm not sure if I'm imaging things now but he tummy seems wider and she does not have her trim hip line anymore.

***** Karen Sez *****
Yeah, this scenario has played out thousands of times the world over, when bunny-boys are mis-identified as bunny-girls.

Of all the rabbit breeds, the smaller ones seem to mature earliest, and Dwarfs are very small. 13 weeks of age is very young to be impregnated, but Elsa is sure showing signs of pregnancy.

I just don't know if her growling displeasure is because she is already pregnant, or because she wished to discourage her brother. Gotta say, I'm guessing the former.

You'd best prepare for kits within 3-4 weeks, just in case.

If you need resources beyond what you find on this website, we suggest either or both of these:

Book: Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

E-Book: Rabbit Reproduction

Your world really isn't so upside down. If you end up with baby rabbits, you can find homes for them, and then find a way to deal with a male and female rabbit. Two separate cages works well.

Best of luck with everything!

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Jun 02, 2022
Rabbits… but one is a boy (surprise)
by: Anonymous

Did Elsa have Babies how did everything go? The same thing has happened to me and I am so worried so it would really help if you told me what happened.

Dec 07, 2015
Thank you for such a fast reply
by: Taylor M

I will begin preparing Elsa for her little babies. I just hope it doesn't hurt her in the process... I'd hate to lose her!
I put the buns in separate cages today when I cleaned their home. But while cleaning I found some of Elsa's hair, so I'm now pretty positive my littlest ball of fluff is in fact pregnant!

***** Karen Sez *****
:-)) Good job. Save that fur! That is, if there is enough to be useful. It could come in handy when the babies are born. If the mom doesn't pull a lot of fur, you can add the extra to the nest. Hopefully all will be well, but because she'll be such a young mom, there's always a chance her mothering instincts may be rough around the edges. The little trick of adding the extra fur may help....

Enjoy your rabbits!

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