Worried Bunny Grandma

by Sue

I have three rabbits, and wrongly thought all three were boys. One of course was a female and I now have a surprise 6-7 week old litter doing very well, now separated and weaned.

They were a surprise because she hid them under a piece of small culvert they used to play in on the ground. Then one day babies were hopping everywhere.

Mom has her own hutch now. Today the second litter was born. Mom seems fine, but she made a nest in the deep straw inside the enclosed portion of her hutch, covered it in fur. My concern is that she did not use the nest box but made her own nest in the straw in the corner next to the box. The straw is thick but should I move the nest into a smaller box.

The enclosed portion of her hutch is 3' x 3' very large, the overall hutch is 8' long by 3'. Wire on the bottom. She is a calm bunny not handled a lot but always ready for petting and talking to. I have not checked them yet, I was told to not touch them for 3 weeks. I see that information was probably misleading.

It is going to get down to 45 degrees here in the next few days. Should I move them, or stop worrying. Thanks so much.

***Karen Sez***
Do I understand correctly that the 'enclosed' area has a solid bottom and sides, the other 5' of hutch having a wire bottom? If so, then no worries. Yank the nest out and let the doe do her thing. (And yeah, check the nest.) If you think the straw layer is getting too thin, just replenish it. The doe is probably eating some of it.

As the temps drop, the doe will simply pull more fur for her kits. 45 degrees is no threat to tiny kits as long as there is enough fur insulation.

If the nest area that has the thick straw is also wire-bottomed, you can slip a bit of plywood or a couple pieces of cardboard under all that straw and on top of the wire. This will ensure adequate insulation against cold coming up from the ground.

You can even slip pieces of cardboard along the two sides of the corner where the doe has hidden her kits, supposing the sides are of wire. Hopefully the doe won't chew them to smithereens too quickly.

All will be well.

Have fun,

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