Worried about my rabbit and her possible pregnancy

Hi I have a 3 and a half year dwarf lop doe who was introduced to a male about 5 months ago. Yesterday however I noticed she had started nesting and was sitting in her cage oinking and very subdued. I separated her from the buck and have given her a nesting box. She is not eating or drinking anything.

I thought this was all okay and expected to see her with babies but now she is sitting in her cage and looks completely delirious. Her head keeps dropping down and she can barely move without falling over. Her tail is all slimy and she is now lying on her side and nearly motionless except for faint breathing. I'm panicking really badly as I have read a lot about complications and expected her to make noise or contract.

Please help, I think she might be ill...surely this isn't right?

***** Karen Sez *****
No, not right at all. I'm very sorry. Sounds like her problem is not a pregnancy, it is her bowels, though if she's pregnant, the stress of the pregnancy may be complicating the bowel problem.

Sounds like she is critically ill from rabbit diarrhea complicated (perhaps) with a bowel blockage. If she's still alive at this point, she needs a visit to the vet immediately for an infusion of liquids for dehydration and if you can get her to take them, enzymes to help break up the mucoid blockage, along with roughage in the form of hay to help the bowels to begin moving.

These are my couple suggestions. I expect your vet to give you full guidance, if there is any hope for turning around the digestive problem.

Best of luck.

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