Who's the mommy?

We got two small bunnies over the summer and the pet store did not know the sex. Well we have figured it out ~ they're opposite sex ~ we have 3 new babies today ~ but I don't know which is the mommy.

We checked underneath and it still does not make sense. One had blood around the bottom so we figured that was the mom ~ we temporarily separated them with a wall type thing and overnite they worked their way around and the "dad" pulled his hair for nesting, which is angora ~ so we thought the angora was the dad but if it pulled the hair could it be the mom???

I am so confused and prolly will be seeing new babies if we don't get them apart LOL.

***** Karen Sez *****
Heh, isn't THAT a rude awakening! LOL

I feel like laughing, but maybe you don't feel so humored, despite your lol.

So: the rabbit with the blood on the bottom has got to be the mom. You can also check the tummies - the mom will have suckled teats by now.

Some dads are better at nurturing than other ones. This is the first time I've heard of a rabbit owner witnessing a buck pulling fur for the doe's nest (or ever!), but it does not seem completely far-fetched to me since a wild buck is very attentive to his doe and her kits.

Go visit this page and then re-check the rabbits' bottoms:
I'm *hoping* that the instructions will be perfectly clear, and you can settle the question once and for all.

Going forward, I'm afraid you'd better plan for a second litter, since I'm quite sure the buck and doe re-mated overnight. (In fact, they may have re-bred before you found the kits.) Does are very receptive to bucks immediately after kindling.

You can wean the kits at 4 weeks (28 days), and immediately set up the doe with a clean nest box. She should deliver the next litter on day 31-33 after you discovered the first litter.

Don't stress over anything - rabbits re-breed quickly in the wild, and it's okay. But it might be wise to figure out permanent separate housing for the buck reeelly soon, lol.

Enjoy your rabbits!

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