What is my bunny up to?

by Joyce

We got a pet rabbit back in January. She is litter box trained so she runs around in our room. I recently noticed on the corner under my bed she had gathered clothes, paper, and stuffed animals. I touched the stuff and she growled at me a few times. She lets us rub her but if we try to hold she runs and thumps the floor. She's ripping paper all the time and she seems to be eating less lately and staying under the bed more.

What can this mean? I am scared to get under the bed for fear there just might be babies. She has gathered so much stuff under there. Please let me know what you think and some advice. Have a blessed day. Joyce:)

***** Karen Sez *****
Goodness, sounds like a pregnant doe, for sure. But the huge question is: has she been in contact with a boy bunny within the last month to month and a half?

If no, then your doe is probably in the middle of a false pregnancy. She's gathered all your stuff in her 'nest' under your bed. She will probably pull a bunch of her fur and put it in the 'nest,' and then suddenly the doe's hormones will level out and she'll return to normal. That's when you can finally clean under your bed without risking a digit or two to your bunny's wrath.

If you also have a buck around the house, then you may need to check under your bed after all. You wouldn't want any dead kits to start rotting and stinking under there, eh?

I hope you'll let us know how everything turns out.

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