What can I do now I did not count the days

by Sharyn Guzzi
(Smithtown, NY)

My bunny has been nesting and pulling out her hair for 4 days now. How long can this go on before I can say she is having a false pregnancy. I did breed her but I never saw them breed. I would put her in his cage for a few hours and then move her back about 3 times a week. I look outside 100 times a day and no babies are here/ you call them kits to me they are babies.

Sharyn Guzzi

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Nov 30, 2011
Potential pregnancy?
by: Kathryn

My two girls have lived together in their hutch quite amicably for the better part of a year. I noticed a few days ago that one is pulling out her hair and upon investigating closer she has definite nipples whereas her "sister" does not. What to do at this point?

****Karen Sez****
Maybe yes, maybe no...a potential pregnancy, that is.

Time to flip both 'girls' over and see if one of them has equipment the other does not. (See our 'Sexing Rabbits' page.)

If both girls, then one is dominant and the other is submissive, and the submissive one is probably showing signs of a false pregnancy, brought on by 'riding' - the dominant behavior of the other doe.

If one 'she' turns out to be a 'he,' then time to separate the animals and prepare for a litter. And if the fur is getting pulled already, you should prolly get a nest box in there asap.

Sep 15, 2011
May Not Be False
by: Silver Desert Rabbitry

I had a doe that took forever to have her kits. I did not keep track of the days either, but she had them anyways and that is how I lost the whole litter. Do not take the nest box out for another week or so. I also had another doe that kept pulling and pulling but no babies. I would say keep an eye on her and see how she does.

Sep 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

I'm certainly no expert but here is what i do... I leave the box in until the 36th day. By then I am pretty sure the breeding didn't take.

Sometimes pooping in the nestbox is an indication but not always. Don't fret over the process because it'll be over before you know it. LOL

They usually have their kits all within 20 minutes and then you can clean out the nasty wool and bedding, and make sure all the nesting material is short and not in long tendrils to get wrapped around the babies. I lost a baby in my last litter because it got twisted up in the bedding.

Don't be afraid to touch the kits... Give the doe something to distract her then pull the nest box out of the cage, take them out of the box, check them over, weigh them if you want, make sure they have been fed (fat tummies), clean out the yucky stuff and put them back in and return the box to her. She'll accept them again just fine.

If she doesn't have babies by the 36th day or so just take the box out, clean out the nesting material and save the box for another day.


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