What Breed is this rabbit?

by Michelle

I got this guy yesterday and they had no idea what his breed is. When he's laying out he looks rather muscular and he's got rather large hind feet. He's got a broken herring bone as well. I'm assuming he's about 3 months old. He's also got a full arch I believe.

***** Karen Sez *****

Welp, what a very cute bunny! But he doesn't actually match any particular breed of rabbit.

About that arch, my guess would say his body type is commercial (stemming from a meat rabbit breed), but with several faults in the body structure. That reason, along with the coloration, may be why he was sold as a pet, although I think he will no doubt make an absolutely wonderful pet.

Many breeds have genes creating the white with colored markings (or vice versa), which doesn't help with narrowing down the guesswork regarding the breed.

The fact that the rabbit has so much white means he likely received a double dose of the "broken" gene (the one that breaks up the solid color and allows the white to show).

It would help to know how much the bunny weighs. Our Domestic Rabbits E-Book provides extensive information about rabbit breeds, along with photos, and might offer additional clues as to possible breeds that might have gone into your rabbit.

Good luck with the sleuthing!

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