What are these?

by Janice J
(Murfreesboro Tennessee)

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I am clueless about what Breed(s) of rabbits I have. I am including a picture. We thought they were 2 sisters, but it turned out to be brother and sister and now they have babies, 4 brown and 3 black, all healthy and doing well. They had their first time in the outdoor run today. If ANYONE can tell what they are, please write me at jentzsch88 {at} att {dot} net.

***** Karen Sez *****
Depending on the weight of the parents, it appears to be possibly Polish or Havana. Problem is, that reddish color is called tortoiseshell, and neither breed carries that gene that I know of. This means the rabbits are probably a cross of some sort. Netherland Dwarfs do carry the 'tort' gene, and since the bunnies seem to have fairly small ears, my wild guess would be a mix of Netherland Dwarf (false dwarf) with some bigger breed of rabbit.

They're cute as can be!

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Jan 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

They look like generic mutt rabbits to me.

Jan 03, 2012
RE: What are These?
by: Carlyn

I've raised rabbits for a period of five years, back in the 1980's. Your 'breed' looks to be a cross of the Cinnamon Rex and the Netherland Mini Dwarf. I could be wrong but that is what some of my rabbits looked like when I crossed these two breeds for small, but not too small pet rabbits.

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