Weirdest part of my life

by Emily
(Norwich, Norfolk, England)

Hi my name is Emily

My rabbit died and 5 months ago and a week later I got these 2 bunnies from the same litter, 'Tinker Bell' and 'Cinderella.' We got them at 8 weeks old. The lady was nice. 3 months later they escaped their big hutch. They made a big hole in the roof and jumped out (big hutch btw) and we found them jumping in the garden. Then both the rabbits do rude things to each other then when one of the rabbits is in the run we have she lays down like what you're talking about and I read what you said and I feel grapes in Cinderella's tummy.

I read what you said and a day later I see her in her hutch and where she sits all the time normally that part of the hutch doesn't have any hay but now there's a big bundle of it in front of her like a nest. She is a bit bigger but I don't know if she is pregnant because I've read what you wrote about the mood part. The other rabbit sits in the corner. Cinderella does the same. Tinker Bell stomps her foot when I open the cage.

When we saw the two rabbits when we were going to buy them we wanted 2 females but we think one is pregnant and the other is a boy. HELPP. I feel in Cinderella's body grapes but a tidy bit bigger but I think it might be something else???? Is this stupid but I feel 2 grapes just after her ribs is that something else? Me and my friend Nadine feel it but my mum doesn't feel them.

I'm going to vets tomzx.

Emily Walden x
from Norwich, Norfolk

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