The mother rabbit died of mastitis - now the kits are dying!

Our rabbit gave birth to a litter of six kits 12 days ago. Sadly, a week later she became very weak, and died. The vet said that nothing else could have been done. So we raised the kits on goats milk. Three of the babies have already died - very suddenly. We think that they have also been affected by mastitis. Now, a fourth one has fallen ill.

The vet said he could maybe put it on a course of antibiotics. Do you think this is a good idea? Is there anything else we can do? The baby is eating a lot less, and is not very active, just like the other babies before they died. PLEASE HELP!

***** Karen Sez *****
We're so sorry for the loss.

Sounds like your kits are facing two very serious hurdles:

First, bottle-fed kits frequently die from a lack of intestinal flora. Benebac(tm) works wonders, if it's not too late. If the doe had survived, the kits would have eaten her cecotropes and this would have provided their probiotics, ensuring the correct function of their digestive system.

Second, there's the matter of the pathogenic bacteria that killed the dam. The kits no doubt carry it in their mouths, and this rules out fostering them to another doe. But prescribing antibiotics is also a good way to kill kits, especially if they also need probiotics.

It is a very touchy thing to medicate a bunny. We're not vets, but in the case of prescribing antibiotics, I'd want to know that my vet was well-versed in the care of rabbits before I made a decision on antibiotics for a bunny.

Sometimes what will happen will happen. Fingers crossed that the Benebac will turn the tide for you....

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