Surprise litter of kits and maybe more on the way :/

by Suzie
(Hunter, NSW, Australia )

3 weeks ago found a surprise litter of kits.

I thought both rabbits were male but apparently not.

Mum is doing great and babies are healthy and doing great.

I separated the male from the female as soon as I found the babies in the cage but I don't think I separated them in time.

If she's pregnant again, she would be due in 10 days, and Mum is showing all signs of pregnancy and trying to build a new nest.

If she is pregnant and had more babies what should I do?

Should I wean the older kits so the new babies will have a chance at surviving or do I leave them all in the one cage?

What are things I should be doing?

Help please!

***** Karen Sez *****

Yep, can happen. By the time you discover the surprise litter, the buck has probably already rebred the doe.

What to do is spelled out in detail in the Rabbit Raising Problem Solver book, or also in the Rabbit Reproduction e-book.

In the meantime, yes, wean the first litter when they're 28 days old (they'll be fine), and provide the doe with a fresh nestbox and nesting materials by the day you wean the other kits.

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