Signs of Pregnancy in a House Rabbit

by Anna
(New York)


I rescued a rabbit that was from a dilapidated home with a male 28 days ago. Neither are fixed so I can assume she's pregnant

What are the signs or behaviour of a pregnant rabbit that is also a house rabbit.

I am talking about a rabbit that is allowed to free roam, not crammed into those tiny cages breeders have. Will she be more sediment? Etc.

***** Karen Sez *****

Hi Anna,

Rabbits are rabbits, no matter where they live, whether in a hutch, or in a cage under the care of a breeder, or roaming in the house, or even living amongst critters and predators in the great outdoors. All rabbits are likely to exhibit the same signals of pregnancy, although it's tough to say whether or not those clues will be interpreted correctly in the presence of anthropomorphism.

In the case of your bunny, Anna, it is waay past the "what are rabbit pregnancy signs" stage. Your doe needs a nestbox today, along with the shavings and the straw she will use to build her nest. Expect it to give birth in 2-3 days from now.

Here are some resources for you:
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