by Shannon
(West Point)

I had 2 rabbits, Sassy and Sophie. Day before yesterday I went out and found 4 babies dead in the bottom of the cage. I was told both of them were girls, but now I know that Sophie, my Rex, is a male. I was very upset as just a month ago I had taken Sophie back to the gal I had bought them from and told her I thought "she" was a "he." The lady insisted I had 2 girls so I trusted her. It was so heartbreaking to find the babies. I know they were born that day because I had been out the night before to feed and there were no babies then.

I immediately removed the male as soon as I found the babies. What are the chances of my female being pregnant?

I brought her inside and she has grunted and been food aggressive. Anything would help.

****Karen Sez****
Yeah, shoulda flipped the buck over and asked the lady to "recheck." Oh well...

Chances are pretty good that the buck didn't let much grass grow under its feet... This being winter, the question is, did the doe accept the advances? She did last month; you should prolly plan for a litter in 31-32 days (mark the calendar - 28 days for a nest box and 31 days for kindling).

In a month you'll know the truth, and in the meantime, you can check our Pregnant Rabbit page for a few clues to help you verify....

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