Rescued Rabbit might be Pregnant

by Json

I recently took in a Netherland dwarf buck and a Dwarf/Rex doe. They had been kept in the same cage for over a month before I got them. I think the doe might be pregnant as her previous owners did say that the buck had been mounting her, and she keeps moving all her bedding to one corner of the cage.

I do not know her exact age, or how far along she would be in her pregnancy, so I don't know when she should start showing signs of nesting. She also has a slightly rounded belly, but I'm not sure if that is just because she was fed a poor diet and kept in a tiny cage.

She is also timid, and I'm worried that if I try to pick her up or handle her to palpate for kits that I might hurt her and the unborn kits (if any). Any tips for how I can assure that the doe and any kits will be okay?

***** Karen Sez *****
Hmm, sounds like you better plan for babies. She's already moving bedding around. And since the timing is not known, I'd put a nest box in the cage already. It might be way early but it might be just on time. If a week passes and no babies, just ensure the nest stays clean and ready. Usually the does won't foul them too badly. A poo pellet or two or three is no problem.

In this case, it is a bit late to worry about palpating for unborn kits. But, I might try to handle her a little each day just so she'll become familiar with your scent and recognize you're friend not foe.

Beyond this, time will tell all. Good luck and have fun!

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