Replacing the birthing box

My rabbit is a first time mom. Her kits are 3 days old. I noticed the she started destroying her birthing box (cardboard). The kits would fall out through a whole in the bottom of the box. I was concerned that one of them may get trapped underneath the box, so I replaced the box with a wooden one. I used all the hay and fluff from the old box, to line the new one, and put it in the same place as the old one. What are the chances of her rejecting her young now? I didn't know what else to do.

****Karen Sez****
You did fine - good job. You did just what we would have done, er, except for using the cardboard in the first place, heheheh.

I highly doubt the doe will do any rejecting. She knows you, knows your smell, knows her own kits by smell, has strong instincts...probably all good.

(A note to readers:)
Cardboard boxes work great in an emergency, but as the person who posted found out, you should plan to replace it asap. (The doe will chew it to smithereens, and moisture probably disintegrated the cardboard on the bottom.) The poster switched to a wooden box; wonderful. The other quick option is a 6-inch high plastic dish pan, the kind that fits into your kitchen sink, with rolled edges. Drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage, just in case, and a couple holes high on one side for securing the pan to the side of the cage, so the doe doesn't flip the whole thing upside down, kits and all.

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