Clear Eyes, Clean Fur on Confiscated Rabbits

by MJ Phillip
(Los Angeles)

Sad to see that the breeder's rabbits were confiscated in this manner. Experienced rabbit custodians are very well aware that when rabbits are maintained in "deplorable" conditions their eyes will be dull and/or weepy, and their fur condition becomes stained, matted and thin. The footage presented shows no rabbits with these basic symptoms. Additionally, the news reporter at the fairgrounds described the rabbits as "cute and fluffy" which is not a description one gives about rabbits kept in overheated facilities and deep manure.

***** Karen Sez *****
Exactly. The animal supremacists driving the raids (robberies) are trying to paint themselves as experts but not knowing almost the first thing about animal husbandry. This HAS to change.

And did you notice -- most of the charges of 'abuse' are based on NORMAL standard rabbit husbandry, such as using all-wire cages. /rolls eyes.

People, please speak up, and DON'T support the HSUS or HRS or PETA. They have no idea what they're talking about, want YOUR pets (and breeding stock) spayed and neutered so they can't reproduce, with the end game being no more pets at all.

In fact, in the case of the rabbits confiscated in Olalla WA (December 2011), they are spaying, neutering and SELLING the breeder's rabbits despite the fact the animals are NOT signed over to the Kitsap Humane Society, they don't belong to the KHS, and while the owner has petitioned the judge to return the animals to the breeder due to false charges.

Thanks MJ for your comments, we really appreciate it.

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I help at animal shelters a lot but I also happen to own show rabbits and I am appalled that anyone would do this! How stupid are these "animal rights" activists? I am for animal rights, but I actually have a brain cell! The conditions described by the Animal Control were horribly exaggerated!

That poor women who lost years of careful breeding and tons of time by some retarded people who obviously don't have enough experience in the outside world to realize people do raise meat animals, and guess what? They eat them too!! Wake Up Call much.

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Used to trust the house rabbit association

I used to trust the house rabbit association
But not anymore I have had house rabbits for a number of years and I found a lot of information that I have gotten from them to be wrong. I think the lady should get her rabbits back. I think the house rabbit association has really over stepped the line.

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It's Not Necessary!

Even a breeder will love their rabbits. Why spend lots of money and time if you don't? What if the woman had kids? Now there will be an empty spot in a childs heart forever. Sure, you can buy another rabbit for the kid but it's like your dog dying but worse. They'll know it's alive and that someone else has it!

There is a simple explanation to the state of the rabbits. No food? They eat a lot. Poop under cages? Rabbits will make a mess, even if you clean it every other day there's going to be more poop when you get home. To seize a rabbit under these circumstances is completely unnecessary.

***** Karen Sez *****
Thanks for your feedback. You make some really great points.

But, 'even' a breeder? How about *especially* breeders? Rabbit breeders care deeply about their animals, as you have noted the time and the money they put into their animals. Heh, it's a small thing, but perhaps an important point given the misunderstandings of the animal rights gang. Thanks again for commenting.

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