Rabbit refuses buck

by Dianne
(Licking, Mo.)

My doe won't let the buck anywhere near her, why is that? We tried to breed them before and thought she conceived because she started picking up hay in her mouth and carrying it around, but when the day came she hadn't put any hay or pulled any hair and never had babies. What should I do?

****Karen Sez****
Sometimes the season is wrong, like right now. Rabbits are infrequently in the mood in Autumn. The only thing you can really 'do,' is ensure the feed is fresh with at least 16% protein, and simply introduce the doe to the buck every few days, until she's ready to say 'yes.'

Some people try to force-breed. I don't. I figure it's not so bad to let Nature have a bit of a say.

(That initial breeding - she either missed, or had a false pregnancy. Happens sometimes.)

Good luck,

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