Rabbit eyes are not opening

by Lawryn
(Marion, Iowa)

My doe had unexpected kits, two of them. I did my research and I have taken care of them. They are now two full weeks old and they hop around the cage, they nibble on their momma's pellets, and have thick hair. Them seem healthy and active, but their eyes are not opened!

Every where I have read says that their eyes should open from 7-10 days after birth, but it has been 14 days. Should I be worried? Their parents are both lop eared rabbits if that helps. Thank you for helping!

***** Karen Sez *****

Yes, those eyes should have opened on around day 10. I fear that an infection is cooking in both eyes, and is sealing the eyelids closed.

I suggest a vet trip asap so the eyes can be irrigated and antibiotic ointment can be prescribed.

You can open the eyes yourself, clean the eyelids and apply Terramycin opthalmic ointment, but this should have been done by day 12 if the eyes had not opened. This is why it might be best to see a vet at this point.

Good luck with everything.

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