Rabbit building a nest in the wrong place

by Tiffany

My pet rabbits accidentally mated on Dec. 15th. Now today I saw my female rabbit, (she's 22 days pregnant), frantically gathering hay and building her nest... The problem is though that she's building her nest inside a small cat carrier that she uses to hide in. I just ordered a nesting box yesterday, it probably will not arrive til she's 28 or 29 days pregnant. My question is, can I move move her nest from the carrier to the nestbox? Or will she become upset?

***** Karen Sez *****
Can you transfer the doe's nest into your new nest box, put the nest box in the exact spot where the cat carrier is right now, and then hide the cat carrier (or move it away)? That might work okay.

Technically, both the cat carrier and the nest box would be fine for kindling in. The problem is that the nest box is probably better for keeping the kits contained till they're old enough to be hopping around.

If your doe knows you, making the switch should be just fine. You'll know all is well if the doe hops into the nest box, and then rearranges it all back the way she wants things.

Good luck!

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