Rabbit Breed

by Brandon Stafford
(Crowley LA, US)

Doe is all white with pink eyes buck is white with grey ears and pink eyes. Buck is about 10 pounds and doe is about 12.

****Karen Sez****
Best guess:
Doe is mostly New Zealand White.
Buck is mostly Californian.

However, if the buck's ears are grey, he most likely has a New Zealand White albino gene hiding behind his Californian gene. Should you breed these two together, you should get 50% that look like the sire, and 50% that look like the dam.

BTW: These rabbits are actually meat rabbits. Families frequently use rabbits just like these to produce meat for the family. The original bunnies, such as these pet rabbits, remain pets forever, however, the kids of the family know ahead of time that the babies will end up in the freezer, butchered humanely and painlessly in order to provide essential nourishment for the family. This way the family eats healthy, and they know where their meat came from, and that no antibiotics or hormones went into the meat. Additionally, the kids get wonderful lessons in self-sufficiency, responsibility and agriculture.

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