Possible accidental sibling breeding

I purchased 3 lionhead mix rabbits from a family breeder to raise for 4-H.

The father wasn't much larger than their mom, but he was white with spots that formed a rough stripe on his back; he isn't lionhead. In fact, I'm not sure what he is.

No-one else in the family is overly concerned about the new additions. I have read many sites and tried my hardest to find their genders, but I haven't. I think that the two white ones are female and the male is the grey one.

That being said, they are now nearly 12 weeks old (3 months). I notice that Cookie (looks like a lionhead, white) has been rather crabby. I always had trouble with Thumper (the male) and handling him, as he did not like people. I never, however, had trouble with Cookie. She loves to be handled, but she won't let me handle her hardly anymore. White fur is all over the cage. I understood that the fur may be her "sister's" fur.

I took the other female, Bonnie, and pulled gently on the fur around her rump, belly, and thighs. She doesn't have a lot of extra fur, as she takes after her father.

I then got her "sister" out and pulled gently around the same areas I did on Bonnie. The fur definitely came out more, and then I got worried.

I don't think the fur pulling is from boredom, as she has toys and gets let out and played with everyday. I don't think it's over grooming, as I never saw them before pulling out their fur while grooming. Plus, I try to brush them every day.

I knew that it was recommended for the Lionhead to be over 2 months of age. I was not going to breed them with my New Zealand White until summer. I told my parents we needed to separate them and they said they would.

We were going to put them by gender, the two females across from Prince (New Zealand White) in a hand made split cage, and leave the male in the cage they are in now.

But we are moving into a new house, and repainting, adding new carpet, etc. I never got the chance to put them in the other cage.

So here I am, wondering if my rabbit is pregnant. I know the signs, as I have had an accidental breeding before. It slipped by us until she went into labor. That's a different story. Cookie has been building a nest that her siblings screw up in the end.

Now, I am not some 16 year old who is too lazy to go and earn money. I am much younger, and I can't go out and make money as I have to help rebuild this home.

***** Karen Sez *****

I'm assuming you've seen this page about figuring out what gender your rabbits are?


It should help you identify the boys from the girls, I hope.

If you have an extra cage or two, then separate the rabbits yourself.

Both does should be separated from the buck and from each other, at least until you can determine whether or not one or both are pregnant. I suggest giving each doe a nest box, even if it is a dishpan for the kitchen sink. Be sure you wire it down securely, and fill it with nesting materials.

If one or more does are pregnant, and if they are pulling fur, then the litter or litters will not be far behind.

Better go get busy on these things!

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