Pooing Dis-orders

by Esther

I bought a 9-weeks old bunny on Xmas eve. On the 28th of Dec, in the morning, my brother fed her some lettuce (it wasn't the first time) but that day, there was green gooey stuff whilst she was eating, and for the whole afternoon and a bit of evening, she won't poo. Why is this? did the lettuce got something to do with this?

***** Karen Sez *****
I don't tend to blame the lettuce off-hand. Perhaps it had some germs on it. Perhaps it was sprayed with insecticides. Maybe it wasn't the lettuce, it was the chunk of apple the rabbit got into. (Just saying, since I really have no idea what it's been into, lol.)

At any rate, your bunny is experiencing a touch of mild bunny diarrhea, which might take care of itself, or might turn into a big problem.

What to do: Give the bunny nothing but grass hay to eat for the next 48 hours, okay? No treats, no pellets, no nothing except water and hay.

I fully expect it to completely recover in that time frame, its normal poo will return and you can put it back on regular rations.

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Dec 30, 2011
Feeding rabbits lettuce
by: lisa bunny

Hi, I've been doing a lot of research since I brought my rabbits a few months ago, and as far as I can tell rabbits aren't allowed to eat lettuce. but I've read that they are allowed to eat dark leaf lettuce. The light green lettuce upsets their tummy and gives them the runs.

***** Karen Sez *****
Kudos - people who take the time to do the research usually get much more enjoyment out of their rabbits.

Problem is: WHO SAYS light green lettuce upsets rabbit tummies?? Did you find any studies on organic iceberg lettuce causing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea? Or did you discover some opinions here and there, or some anecdotal reports?

A main objection to iceberg, a light green lettuce, is that it contains very little nutrients and a lot of water. This by itself should not upset a bunny tummy. It would simply supply enough water that you might not need to refill the water bottle very much. So, the problem most likely is not the lettuce itself.

But, knowing that light lettuce is low in nutrition means you would certainly not expect to feed ONLY iceberg lettuce to a rabbit to the exclusion of other feeds and forages.

Yes, do the research, but don't take stuff at face value, especially when researching rabbits. This is because a whole lot of well-funded people want to forbid anyone from raising or breeding rabbits. These groups are pumping out ridiculous information, such as spaying and neutering should be done for a rabbit's health. (That is almost astonishing in its ignorance - it is pure propaganda and nothing more. BUT: if you 'do your research,' you'll find these groups have churned out their opinion on spay/neuter and posted it everywhere, so that people begin to think they gotta spay or neuter for their rabbits' health. Nope, there is no science to their opinion.)

Be careful and don't just swallow stuff like the lettuce line or the spay and neuter nonsense.

Well, I think that qualifies as a rant...! Lisa, this wasn't directed at you, and I'll get off the soapbox now....

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