PLEASE HELP!! What breed is my rabbit?

by Paolo Garcia

My rabbit's name is Pierre. I was told he was a dwarf when I got him. He is one year old. I think he is a broken mini rex, but I'm not sure. He is about 4 lbs. His fur is really soft, but doesn't look like a rex's fur. Please help!!!

***** Karen Sez *****

At 4 pounds, Pierre is definitely within the accepted limit for a mini-rex. The fur DOES look like rex to me, which doesn't mean much, since I can only see what I can see in the photo. Why don't you measure it? Pull out a hair or two - if it is roughly 5/8" long, and for sure no longer than 3/4", then you can call it rex. From the photo, it seems only that the fur is not as dense as it could be.

Whatever he is, Pierre is a very cute rabbit!

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