One of two does was a boy

by Judith G

Hi, I bought 2 bunnies and was told they were both girls. It was a couple of weeks when I noticed Daisy being strange, as she was so friendly, I took her to the vets and they did not know if she was pregnant, so I did some reading on the net and parted the two bunnies,I have NEVER had any experience with pregnant bunnies.

As I am writing this my little Daisy is pulling her hair out. I ALSO have given her cabbage and I know she has had the runs,I hope she will be okay and the sister Mazie, which now is a boy, is fine. If anyone is able to reply to this please do, as I am lost.

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Dec 15, 2011
Had the same problem
by: S

I had the same problem with my rabbits they said at the store both were females then when some friends were taking care of them when we were gone one died so we bought another one that was also a female.

When we put them in the cage he started jumping on her and now I believe she's pregnant.

But if shes pulling her hair out she is probably pregnant so you should put the male in a different cage and on day 28 you should put in a nest box.

Good luck.

***** Karen Sez *****
If she's pulling her hair out, she's either just about to give birth, or it could be a false pregnancy. (In the case of Dasiy, we know the outcome.)

But S, two newly introduced rabbits always check each other out in order to establish a dominance order. One of the methods of doing this is to ride the other rabbit, even if both are does. Are you for sure the new rabbit is a buck? Check out our Sexing Rabbits page and see if you can tell for sure (its linked within the Breeding Rabbits page).

The act of being 'ridden' can trigger a false pregnancy, including building beautiful nests, pulling fur, but without the babies.

It remains to be seen whether or not your doe is actually pregnant. It's better to assume yes and be prepared than to guess no and end up with cold dead 'kitcicles.' (If that second doe is really a doe, then no issues!)

Have fun. :-)

Aug 11, 2011
One of two does was a boy
by: judith g

Hello K THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS, WELL DASIY HAS HAD HER KITS, 4 LOVELY HEALTHY KITS I am so proud of her, they are 3 weeks now. Dad had an appointment with the vet on Tuesday, he is fine. I take the kits next week for the vet to let me know which are boys,and girls, I cannot part with them so now I have 6 bunnies,and they take some time tending to them but that's the only way I would have it, many thanks judith g bye

***Karen Sez***
Judith, at 3 weeks old, you may be able to figure out the gender of the bunnies yourself... If you want to give it a try, check out

Jul 22, 2011
RE One of two does was a boy
by: Moderator

Uh-oh...If Daisy is pulling her fur, she's probably on the verge of having babies.

Quick, put Mazie in a different hutch, because the rabbits may rebreed as soon as the babies are born.

Check the information under the "Newborn Babies" tab in the Navigation Bar to the left (under the 'Breeding' header). This should help you know what to do going forward.

Good luck, and enjoy the bunnies!

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