Nursing Doe acting strange

My kits are a week old. My doe has been energetic up until yesterday. She seemed ravenous. Munching on everything but now she seems wiped out and cranky. She allows me to pet her but she won't let me touch her belly or her sides. She flips out. I left the top open for her to jump out and she hasn't. She has been stretched out laying on her side.

Today I opened the cage and woke her. She sat up and then flopped back on her side to sleep. My gut tells me something is wrong. The kits are thriving, full bellies. She is up right now and eating. Should I be concerned or does nursing exhaust the does. She is a definitely a different bunny.

***** Karen Sez *****

Yes, something doesn't seem right. I wonder if the doe has retained a kit or something? I wonder if her belly hurts. Perhaps a veterinary opinion would be in order, as her behavior is not normal in my experience.

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