Not sure if my rabbit is pregnant or if it is a false pregnancy

Hi, my doe has been with a buck (they are mini dwarf lops), they were both living in a large cage with 3 rats. (They all loved each other!!)

Almost a week ago, Sarah got extremely cranky with all the other animals, even boxing with one of the rats and growling. I noticed she had begun pulling hair and started building a nest in the igloo.

I removed all the other animals and put the large cage in a quiet area of my room. I put hay in and more shredded paper, and she continued nest building. (It's a brilliant nest!!!) She's now stopped building, but has pulled all the hair from around her nipples, and her nipples are larger, but nothing is happening.

She doesn't use the igloo, but often sits on top of it and has to see what you're doing if you gently lift the igloo a little. I read that typically its very soon after nest building that they kindle, but it doesn't appear shes showing any other signs. I did try to gently palpate a little, but as I have no experience I really didn't want to hurt her or any potential kits.

At one stage earlier in the week I re-introduced the buck as he seemed lonely, but Sarah became extremely dominant with him and then began growling so I removed him. Sarah has started showing signs of loneliness and yesterday I let Smokey in with her and she 'kissed' him and they snuggled, no humping and no aggression, but I didn't leave him with her just in case!!

As I have no idea when mating would've occurred I have no dates to go by, so how long do I leave her before its clear she's either pregnant or not pregnant?

Thank you

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