No Fur In The Box?

by Maria

Hi my first time doe just had 6 kits while I was at school. A few days ago (day 27) my doe built a nest using hay. She pulled fur but it is in the back of the box and the kits are in the front. Should I put the fur around/under/on the kits? By the way it is winter in Ohio. Thanks!!

***** Karen Sez *****
Sometimes those first-timer rabbit mums need a bit of a helping hand. Yes, the kits need to be well swaddled in the fur. A possibly better plan would be to move the kits into the fur that is in the back of the nest. That is usually where the kits end up going. After their first nursing, they simply crawl downward into the back of the nest, cuddle together and sleep it off till the doe shows up a day later.

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