Nest outside of the nesting box

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My mixed breed doe just had six kittens. She had a nesting box but she decided not to use it. Should I put the kittens in the box or leave them where they are? Thanks :)

**** Karen Sez ****
The main question then is - will the kits stay warm where they are, and will they stay put or will they crawl away accidentally?

It's usually best to put the kits into the nestbox. Then move the nestbox to the space where the doe put her kits. That should work fine.

Good luck and have fun!

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Dec 07, 2011
Moving the kits from place of birth
by: Anonymous

While my doe was pregnant, I brought her into the house to make sure she was doing fine in her hutch, and left her indoor for a day, just to find her in the morning giving birth to her kits, I immediately moved the my doe and her kits (wore gloves to pick them up) back to the hutch and placed the kits in her nesting box, am concerned she won't recognize them or feed them.

***** Karen Sez *****
I think no worries, as long as your doe is familiar with you. (Gloves not needed.) Check doe and nest in the morning. If the kits' tummies are nice and round, all is well.

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