My Rabbits Pregnant But Wont Have Her Babies

by Kathy

Hi! My kids got a beautiful sweet pet New Zealand female. We didn't know she was pregnant until last Sunday when she was frantic to build a nest, and pull fur. I emailed the guy I got her from right away to find out how long ago. He told me about 3 weeks that was on the 2 of November. Well if he was telling the truth she is over due. Should this be something to be really worried about?

She is huge on both sides her tits are there, and she has not really been eating since Sunday. She has little nibbles but that is about it. Yesterday she just stayed in her nesting box, and didn't move a whole lot. You can see, and feel the babies moving sometimes.
Thanks for any help.

****Karen Sez****
If the doe was bred on November 2, then you can count forward 31 days - that will put the kindling on December 2 or 3. I'm betting a Sunday morning nestful on Dec 3.

So, all's probably well! :-)

Good luck, and have fun...

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