My Rabbit & Tricide-Neo

by Lu

My bun has bordetella and, after several antibiotics, her symptoms later returned.

Through the diagnosing vet I learned about Tricide-Neo (aka Neocide 3).

I mixed it according to directions and nebulized Scooter 4X daily for 15/20 minutes for 5-10 days.

After 6 days she was symptom-free but then a slight snuffle in her breathing returned and now I nebulize her once or twice a day. vet and I are trying to determine a maintenance dose and, better yet, how to kill this bug altogether. This is the point I'm at now with my dear bunny.

Tricide-Neo is a kick-butt antibiotic sold mainly for Koi fish but can be used for other critters.

I would talk to your vet before trying anything!

***** Karen Sez *****
Yes, it is always good to check with your rabbit-savvy vet whenever one is concerned about rabbit health.

In the case of Scooter, unfortunately, I'd be willing to bet a jelly donut that she is afflicted with more than just Bordetellosis. If her symptoms were caused by Bordetellosis alone, they should have quickly and permanently responded to this "kick-butt antibiotic."

B. bronchiseptica is often accompanied by P. multocida, the germ that causes Pasteurellosis, also known as Snuffles.

It is fairly common for a diagnosing vet not to find P. multocida on the culture and sensitivity, as this germ doesn't always survive outside the rabbit for long enough to show up on a C&S.

I'm sure you and your vet will work out an excellent maintenance program for your rabbit.

Best of luck with everything. I certainly hope you get to enjoy your lagomorph friend for as long as possible.

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