My rabbit thumps constantly

by Elizabeth

My dwarf lop ear rabbit (Pandora) had her second litter of kits 4 weeks ago. Ever since Pandora has been thumping heaps. She wasn't like this with her first litter. At first I thought Pandora was protecting her babies from my cats but none of the cats go near Pandora's room, even if they do get curious she chases them off. I always check to make sure she's okay when she starts thumping, nothing's ever wrong though.

She thumps the most between 4-5 am almost every 10 minutes and its always next to her nest or in the room somewhere close to her babies. She always has plenty of water, food and things to play with so I know it can't be because she's hungry or bored. Any ideas on why Pandora's thumping so much?

***** Karen Sez *****
Interesting. I can't be certain, but since it's the middle of breeding season where you live, I think perhaps your doe is anxious to find a buck that will mate with her.

Any ideas from others??

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