My female rabbit Silk

by Olivia Lewis



Today shockingly I saw Silk carrying some bedding of hers in her mouth as I was going to feed her. So I cleaned her out and watched her. I cut out some dish cloths for her so she can have a choose of what bedding she would like to use. I also moved my younger rabbit Sarah so that Silk does not smell a male as Bubbles my young male rabbit was living underneath her. It's a good idea as she would get moody.

The signs of pregnancy are thin until today.
Silk has had a big tummy from before when trying to breed from her but no babies so didn't think she was pregnant. I've tried to breed Silk on 16th of Feb this year. Just counted that she's on day 27. Can some one try and count for me or with me as to how soon will she give birth.

Regards, Olivia

***** Karen Sez *****
If Silk is indeed pregnant, expect babies on the evening of the 31st day - the 19th of March. But, she could actually give birth any time from right now till the end of the week.

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