My doe had her babies outside,its -10.....-15

by Holly

Its really cold, way below 0. She had her babies outside, she did make a nest and have them covered with her fur. But its like -10......-15 degrees and I'm wondering if the babies will freeze? She had them 3 days ago and it was really mild but today the weather is changing and getting colder and colder. Should I bring her and her babies in or leave her outside? This is her first litter and mine too! I'm a bit nervous here, I don't want any babies freezing if that be the case?

***** Karen Sez *****
As long as the hutch is well insulated and protected from the wind, chances are very good that the kits will be fine.

--Putting the hutch in another building, such as a shed, is helpful, or up against another building and under some eaves.

--Throw a tarp over the front overnight.

--Stuff the entire hutch with hay/straw. The doe will create herself a well-insulated 'burrow' during those sub-zero days, and snack on some of the hay.

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